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How do you show support for our troops at war?

Asked by HummerLady1950 (46points) April 9th, 2010

My house is still patrioticly decorated and will stay that way til the last troop comes home.

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I show support for our troops at war by constantly complaining about the war. End it now, bring them home. What other support could there possibly be?

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I protest the war whenever I get the chance. I pay taxes by the butt load and I vote.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies You’re right it’s the best form of support.

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I have family members serving over seas right now.
I have family members who are MIA over there right now.
I have lost a few good friends due to the war.
While I am not pleased with the results of it, I am still going to remain behind the soldiers until the war is over.

Our porch currently displays an American flag, POW/MIA flag and the Marine Corps flag. We send care packages to the troops for every holiday.

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I make sure I am vocal enough to contribute to the general, overall support that my country feels. I also thank everyone I come across who has served in the past, and is currently serving…..just to make sure they know that their sacrifice is appreciated.

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I put on my military uniform every day, go to work, and send emails to 44 of my fellow squadron members who are currently deployed to Kyrgyzstan for 6 months and tell them how much I miss them, support them, and wish them well. This is my small but meaningful way of supporting the troops in my own unit.

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@Bluefreedom Thank you for everything you have done for the rest of us.

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@phillis. You’re very welcome and thank YOU for your gratitude. It means very much to us military members.

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