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What's the most frightening place you've ever gone to on purpose?

Asked by susanc (16134points) April 9th, 2010

Was it for adventure? Was it just bad judgment? Was it close to home? Was it Borneo? Why did you do it?

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Tijuana. Work trip. You guys seen Traffic? It looks kinda gloomy, doesn’t it? Well, the real thing looks even worse, believe me.

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The open air outside of an airplane while it was at 10,000 feet up.

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A Chuppah. I had been mislead as to the character of my companion.

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This rafting trip for experienced rafters. It includes rapids named Boateater and Wallslammer. We were warned that several people had died on one of the rapids just a few weeks before us.the water was near record high It was my first time rafting and I was scared to death, but I ended up rafting like a pro.

I agree with @bob_ about Tijuana. I went with a few friends for Spring Break and was left outside a nightclub because I had lost my identification and the bouncers wouldn’t let me in. The lovely ladies I went with went inside the club without me. I was left alone for over an hour. That was a frightening night.

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There is a partially burned house about 20 miles from my school. The front yard is filled with baby doll heads on spikes and there are doll parts hanging from trees by barb wire and fishing line. The people(?) who actually live in the burnt out, texas chainsaw massacre-reminiscent husk of a human dwelling have about a dozen hounds in the yard, as well as a blue book’s worth of vintage cars.

Some friends and I went walking by one night to see if we could see the baby dolls. The dogs started barking and we ran back to my car at a church about a hundred yards down the road. A guy who looked like Larry the Cable Guy came chasing after us from the property in an old 4-runner. He had a walkie talkie in his hand and he followed us in his truck with his bright lights on for about 12 miles until I managed to lose him. Freaky shit.

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Flippin Arkansas. I went by mistake and was lucky to escape with my teeth. Nobody in that town had teeth, scary shit!

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The very tippy top of the Bank of America building in San Francisco.
When I get on a roof of a skyscraper like that, I hear voices urging me to jump. I can actually feel myself being pulled to the side.

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To the end of my road.

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My dad went to visit his friend out in LA, and I went with him, let’s just say I will never do that again. There were too many people out there, and the people were just very rude to me. I got lost, and found my way back to his friends house, but I will never go there again.
Plus the drivers scared the shit out of me.

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Under my bed. Good thing I went to the bathroom first.

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Our sauna changing room. I once accidentally walked in on my mother-in-law while she was changing into swimming costume. The memory still haunts me. (Probably too late for therapy.)

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Disneyland. I went on the Space Mountain. I honestly thought I would die before it ended. I haven’t been on a ride of any kind since. That was at least 20 years ago. They said I was as white as a sheet. That was the closest to passing out that I ever came.

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That’s interesting because that’s how I felt when I went on Space Mountain. I had never gone on a ride like that before and I was assured that it wasn’t a “crazy roller coaster” (because I had always expressed disinterest in roller coasters) and I hated it so much. I was scared shitless and I felt like I was going to die. I threw up right after I got off and I have never been on a ride like that since and never will. Some people just don’t go well with roller coasters.

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@DominicX I also threw up right after I got off. My day at Disneyland was over. I even was wishing I would pass out during the ride, so I would not have to experience it anymore.

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You’ll never get me on any fast-moving ride. Pirates of the Caribbean? OK.

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Same. It was just the worst feeling. And my brother? He wanted to go on it again right after going on it for the first time. He digs that kind of thing. But not me! >.<

@dpworkin Pirates is my favorite. :)

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@dpworkin I went on Pirates before the Space Mountain. That was fun. So is Epcot in Florida. Nothing fast moving there, at least I didn’t go on any.

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I live in Las Vegas. Here, there used to be a place that was called the “Bee Farm”. Supposedly a man who used to live there killed his entire family because of some sort of drug he took. I went down there a couple of years ago, before it got torn down, and it was pretty eerie, but not as intense as the rumors said it might be. Regardless it was a pretty scary experience.

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The CN Tower in Toronto, which was a big deal for someone with a phobia of heights. I didn’t have a phobia any more after that.

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The Gates of Hell with a few friends a few times. It’s scary as anything. Especially in the middle of night with nothing more than matches to light the way.
It’s only about a half hour from where my parents live :)

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The WTC a few days after 11 September. I wanted to see what there was I could do, so I signed up with the Red Cross to help at the rest station next door to the collapsed buildings. The stench. The body bags. The overwhelming sense of futility once people started to realize it had become a recovery operation and not a rescue. One can’t un-see or un-feel these things. I can only imagine what the people working on the Pile were going through, but it’s probably a feeble, misty sort of imagining.

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A ladyboy whorehouse in Bangkok.I then thankfully woke up.“Sucky fucky,love you long time.” Those words seemed so tangible.Dreams, what the fuck.

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