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If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability what would it be?

Asked by mollydrew (641points) August 5th, 2010

Have you ever wished for super powers or intellect, to be stronger or able to cook? I have always wanted the ability to stop hatred, impossible I know but wouldn’t it be wonderful.

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Hahah, how about something as simple as being able to see life’s bigger picture and not getting caught up in the small things?

OR…probably be ability to fly.

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bacon vision

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Ron Jeremy’s penis.~

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The ability to understand nonverbal social cues, damn this Aspergers Syndrome.

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The ability to put my creativity to good use and make some money off of it. Thing is, i start things and then don’t finish them and they just hang around waiting for me to finish them. I find new things that interest me, i start it, and leave the other things that interest me, but still with the intent to do them “some time” – and on odd occasions i’ll get back to them again. So, i wish i wasn’t so lazy or whatever it is. YES! I wish for my laziness and lack of organization to just disappear. :D

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Even though I know I could choose the intelligence to find a solution to the world food crisis, or the strength to fight criminals, or the charisma to inspire the people towards hope and positive action… I think I’d really like to know how to tap dance.

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I would pick from one or more of the following

1) Normal eyesight. Not super-power eyesight, just normal 20/20 in both eyes. I’ve never had that before.
2) Normal functioning male genitalia
3) An extra 20 IQ points, to pull me up above “average” and match my partner and his friends.
4) Naturally ginger hair
5) Fluency in one foreign language. I don’t mind much which one but Spanish or German would be my top choices.

I think I’m getting greedy here…

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The ability to write well with ease. Shakespearean-levels of well.

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@downtide For #1, not even bacon vision?

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Shoot if I could gain one ability it would be the ability to change my accent at will. I could pretend to be French one minute and British the other. That would be so cool.

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@Afos22 not so bothered about bacon vision. I’m kind of partly vegetarian anyway, and I don’t like bacon all that much. There’s a lot of meat and meat products I just won’t eat.

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I would wake up beautiful like DF.

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haha, I’d wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy

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I would painfully not choose invisibility to stalk the city, all voyeur, and pilfer valuable things.

I would choose omniscience. I would drive around my local area in my convertible, top down, and peer into every home in Brentwood, upper Santa Monica, and Malibu and “know” if they were good people, where their money came from, and what kind of problems they had. Divorced? Loving family? Child abuse? Mafia? Mediocrity? etc. Basically reconcile my understanding of what this beautiful capitalistic world really is like, vs. what my television tells me.

Specifically, what caused all this wealth.

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Kame Hame Ha.

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the ability to see the CIA thread on fluther… or know the secrets of the universe…or to be a god

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Mind control… Then I could get my hubby to mow the grass.

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I would love to have the ability to know what anyone, anywhere was thinking. : ))

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You would go even crazier from all the additional voices in your head :P.

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LMAO! Perhaps so, but being crazy has its advantages, you know. You know who your real friends are, because they all forgive you. And your enemies cross to the other side of the street and leave you the hell ALONE! : D

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I would love to wake up and be able to swim.
Then find a huge lake and spend my day swimming and lazing about on the lake bank.

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The ability to sing like Ethyl Merman. I would stand on my deck and serenade my neighbor!

“There’s NO Neighbor like MY neighbor….like NO neighbor I know!!!”

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I have dyspraxia.
I would LOVE to wake up one day and not bump into things when I’m walking around. I would love not to fall over in front of everyone at the office. Just being able to walk in a straight line without having to really concentrate….
People who dont know me often assume I’m just an idiot…

It’s nice to dream tho’

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I wanna be a shapeshifter, and a timetraveller. and I also wanna be able to go anywhere I want, only by thinking of the place I wanna go to. and hey, that would be a nice life

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The ability to make things appear from no where. I would make my Dad appear.

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The ability to network myself without feeling like I’m “showing off”, the way men can.

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The ability to print my own 20’s, 50’s, 100’s….lol

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@Cruiser Is that because you are fond of them, or wish them to move elsewhere? LOLL

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@partyparty I wish they would move but alas my house is up for sale and not because of them either. I will just be soooo glad to be someone else’s neighbor!!

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@Fyrius life would get pretty boring after a while, wouldn’t it?

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I’d get the ability to let people understand and see the world through my eyes.

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In that case, I will get a gun and SHOOT myself! Heh!

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@CaptainHarley Really? That’s how much you despise my views? That’s sad.

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LMAO! You don’t know sarcastic humor when you see it? That’s sad! ; ))

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@CaptainHarley Whatever. I didn’t get it.

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Sorry. Guess I didn’t bring that one off very well. My apologies.

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@CaptainHarley shrugs – it just made me feel hurt, for some reason. I accept your apology.

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The ability to grant myself any additional abilities I want. :-)

ET, you greedy bastard…

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I would love to speak French fluently.

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Control rolling dice.

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People always say that. Why would it?
There are still a gazillion books I haven’t read, films I haven’t seen, games I haven’t played, fields I haven’t studied, arts I haven’t mastered, languages I’m not fluent in, people I haven’t met, places I haven’t visited.
And more importantly, there will always be people writing new books, filming new films, making new games and discovering new scientific discoveries. I think I could keep myself very much occupied keeping up with just linguistic research until linguistics is completely figured out or the human species comes to its end. I think I’d need immortality and a time machine that lets me relive every decade five times before moving on to the next, in order to even approach running out of things to do.
And that’s not even counting the research I could do, or the books I could write, et cetera.
Nah, I don’t think I’d get bored.

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luck..or the force

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ok there will always be knew books and movies but eventually all around you’d get sick of them. Roman noodles for example, i used to love them, i cooked it many different ways but it was all noodles. i cooked it regular and with cheese butter and salt i even put sauce in it. now i’m all around sick of it. Even if i try something new like Alfredo cheese.

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I don’t know about that.
I always loved French fries, and chocolate, and eggs, and fondant, and bananas. And I still love all those things. I also actually acquired a taste for pizza in the course of my life, and I love that too now. I don’t think there’s any risk that I’d ever get sick of every last food stuff there is.
In the case of books, it comes and goes. Sometimes I get tired of books, and stop reading them for a while, and then some months or years later I start loving them again.
In the meantime, I’d get more interested in something else, like video games or drawing.

At any rate, I wouldn’t expect ever to run out of fun.

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@daytonamisticrip My wife loves Ramen Noodles and has them just about every day for lunch. She also cooks them up lots of different ways for dinner, and I’ve never gotten tired of them. Neither has she. To each his own.

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try eating it for breakfast,lunch,snack and sometimes dinner. Everyday for a couple years.

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Are you still trying to make a point about immortals getting bored with food?

Under those circumstances your body would end up craving other foods, not because the tastiness of noodles has run out, but because your body needs nutrients that aren’t in noodles, such as dietary fibre and most vitamins. That won’t necessarily happen with a properly balanced and varied diet.

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No it’s a metaphor in the same way a person would get sick of noodles you would get sick of life.
The world explodes and your just floating threw space. lol.

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Nah. Life as a whole is a different sort of thing than noodles are. There are evolutionary-psychological reasons to become sick of noodles after eating nothing else for years, which is that your body needs other nutrients. No such mechanisms for life itself.

But I’ll rephrase: eternal youth, but not invulnerability.
For all my not-being-convinced that existing can get boring, it would seem sensible enough to preserve the option of dying. In case I’m wrong.

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@daytonamisticrip try eating it for breakfast,lunch,snack and sometimes dinner. Everyday for a couple years. No thanks. I wouldn’t even like cheesecake after 2 years of eating it for every meal. That’s if I survived to see what happened.

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I would wake up with an amazing poowerful voice and become a singer perhaps a similar style as Gwen Stefani with that fashion element, very different and out there but not slutty.

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