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who was the first person to say the earth is round

Asked by oneye36 (305points) March 9th, 2008 from iPhone
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“The concept of a spherical Earth dates back to around the 6th century BC in ancient Greek philosophy and Indian philosophy. In Greece, the concept was espoused by Pythagoras, apparently on aesthetic grounds, as he also held all other celestial bodies to be spherical. In India, the concept of a spherical Earth was recognized in the Shatapatha Brahmana and Aitareya Brahmana.”

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Magellen was the one who got the word around. But people knew for longer than 2,500 years beforehand based on misc. evidence.

Thanks to the dark ages and the onset of the church’s iron fist rule, most either forgot or weren’t interested in challenging the belief.

But I’d imagine almost any sailor knew considering the fact that they’d all watch ship’s mast’s shrink as they sailed over the horizon as if it were rolling down the other side of a hill.

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wrong try again

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@oneye36 – are you quizzing us?

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I don’t know the actual answer but I’d bet Richard Feynman would have been able to explain the concept best (were he still alive).

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i believe it was Lord Google-Croft…

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(that’s an interjection.)

Coperinicus? Gallileo?

I do know that it was evidenced by the shadow of the earth against the moon during a lunar eclipse.

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job was the first persone to say that the world is round

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sak is right in 600bc

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I don’t get it. Job said it in 600 BC? What? Job the guy from the bible?

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I remember watching some documentary a while back that talked about an ancient egyptian estimating the circumference of the earth based on measuring shadows in a well; if memory serves the measurement was incredibly accurate.

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yes job is the oldest book in the bible he said god sits on the circle of the earth

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That seems just vague enough for any sort of interpretation.

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why do you ask questions you know the answer to?

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A circle doesn’t necessitate sphere, I think people in the religious dark-ages read that passage as the world being plate-like, i.e. flat and round.

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to see how poeple think is that ok here

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If you want to see how people think, ask your question and then read their answers.

And then maybe thank them if they present a useful idea or useful information.

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I think what I’m doing is ok but thanks for your input

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