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Is it ok to use A&D Ointment on a tattoo?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1505points) April 10th, 2010

I couldnt remember which the artist said to get, i asked a friend he said buy Lubiderm, once i got to CVS the girl recommended that i use A&D Ointment instead. I remember using this on my first tattoo but not sure if its the right stuff.

Also, i just got a piece yesterday and after rubbing A&D on it when i got home, i woke up to have ink spots everywhere. Is this normal for the day after a tattoo?

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Yup! A&D is great to use on tattoos, in fact I used it on mine. And yeah, the ink spots are nothing to worry about! I had them too.
Enjoy your new tattoo!

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How did the tattoo turn out?

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Pretty awesome if i do say so myself. It was inspired by this t-shirt design:

I found an artist by randomly walking into the first tattoo shop off the train with my friend (he had gotten piercings done there). I showed the first artist, really just to get a price but as soon as he said “this is bad ass” i knew i found the right artist. We talked about games, movies, comic books, fantasy stuff. He was covered in awesome star wars tattoos (Josh at Whatever Tattoos in New York City).

I showed him that picture and asked for just the outline really but he said he wanted to do color and he wouldnt charge me for it, i agreed and it was the best decision, heres some pics:
The outline

The finished tat:

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Yes, A&D is alright. It will do the job. You’re really just looking for anything to keep the skin moisturized and sealed. I recommend Aquaphor as it’s mostly just water and non scented but if you already bought A&D, there’s no need to spend money buying something different as it will work about the same.

If you’re talking about what I think you are, those “ink spots” are the top layer of skin coming off from all the trauma of getting tattooed. It’s normal and happens often but can cause you to lose some ink. Most touch-ups need to be done because of that top layer coming off.

Nice tat ,by the way.

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yes! I’m using that on mine right now.

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Is it normal that my tattoo still hurts? Got it friday, the area still feels sore.

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