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Whats the best provider for television/internet packages?

Asked by g33s0n6656 (98points) March 9th, 2008

I have gone back and forth between Time Warner Cable and AT&T Uverse a couple of times now. It was still while Uverse was too new and customer service was difficult to work with. Some friends say it has gotten better now…?

Please back up your answers with why (price, picture clarity, channel availability, internet speed up/down, customer service).

I do have a HD tv if that sways your answer.

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cox communications, if you are in Hampton Roads va. About $100—$150. Around 200 channels. HD with DVR. Great Internet speeds and awsome customer service. Very clear picture on hd tv with hd box.

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in Texas I have sudden link its about $85 a month.

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i would say comcast

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interesting, I didn’t take into account that alot of people won’t have the same providers offered to them as myself. I am from Milwaukee, wi and I haven’t heard of any of the providers you guys/gals have mentioned so far

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I have had Uverse here in San Antonio for a year now. Yes, initially I think AT&T rolled out the service to too many markets and struggled to keep up with support. I had some troubles getting things working at the start. That said, the issues I did have were handled by customer support agents who were actually pretty funny to talk to. Good sense of humor and knowledgeable. All of the issues I had were handled quickly. I don’t have any complaints for the service now.

I am currently paying $129/month for their top-o-line package PLUS Internet PLUS HD service. This includes some 400 channels (including HBO, Showtime, etc.). I was under a promotional package from the start, but I think my bill will increase about $15—$20 bucks come October.

Picture quality is pretty good. I have heard it said that with AT&T’s IPTV service, if you already have coax in your house, that’s what the tech will use. Again, that could be total myth, but there you go. It may take the picture quality down a bit. I had coax in this old house we bought, but I was able to talk the tech into just installing ethernet and not charging me for it. (It’s amazing how if you just act nice a polite to these people how they’ll be willing to provide good customer service.)

Internet speed is OK. I have found that I sometimes have to power cycle the router if things seem a bit slow.

AT&T is also rolling out their version of VoIP in some markets. I’m not sure I want to put all my data eggs in one basket, and with our alarm system, I’d rather that be hard wired. Call me old-fashioned. Now if only they would get whole-house DVR up and running…

My 2-cents.

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