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Anybody know how to delete/abandon a Fluther question you have asked?

Asked by eLenaLicious (822points) April 10th, 2010

I asked a question yesterday and I don’t really need anymore answers so any of you guys know how to delete/abandon your question? Please and thank you :/

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To late. This isn’t baleet delete Yahoo Answers honey. :P

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You can say “Thanks all” which signals you have had enough answers, but you can’t delete the question.

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I suppose the edit time period is over? If so, I don’t think you can delete. As far as I know in other sites too. Have you ever seen a site that allows you to delete?

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alright, thanks

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Signaling that you have had enough answers does not always have the desired effect.
Great answer, by the way @eLenaLicious .

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You click on the stop following link at the bottom of the question box.

People will still answer the question but Flutherbot will stop letting you know about it.

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Try “here”. And beg the gods to delete. They respond well to bribes.

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Send Andrew $20. He will remove it.

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@ChazMaz ~ I think he now requires a minimum of $100

Seriously though, you can flag it but there is no guarantee it will be removed. Removing it means also removing the contributions of others and there has to be a very compelling reason.

(I asked for an answer to be removed and it still stands.)

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@Dog What happened to your cute doggie face?

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I feel like a pirate today.

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Arggghhh – woof! woof!

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