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Should fluther have an atheist only page?

Asked by Besafe (441points) March 9th, 2008
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Should Fluther have a Christian only page?

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Why would you want to segregate part of fluther off from the rest? I thought the whole point was to have an open community where everyone could share their differing opinions on topics.

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By the same logic: Should Fluther have a page only for people who are Primatologists?

The point of this site is to get a variety of answers from many different people with different insights and opinions. If you want answers that meet only your criteria and meet the kinds of logic that you consider appropriate, find another site.

May the Flying Spaghetti Monster touch you with His noodly appendage.

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And I would like to add Besafe that you start off excluding a group of people. Jesus would want you to include people.

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I doubt religion plays a big enough role in answering “What should I do if my dog bites a baby,” much less the majority of questions that get posted here, so creating a religion only section might prove as pointless as it is offensive. So the answer is probably not.
BTW always good to see fellow Pastafarians running amok :)

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Get off your soapbox. Just because you got outdone doesn’t mean that there should be segregation. And just because I didn’t appreciate you trying to PM me and telling me “May you come to know Gods very best blessing.”

This is really not appropriate.

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Ahhh, we have both been bible-thumped via PM..


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He did it to you too?! I’m happy it wasn’t just me. It was very frustrating.

/me high-fives back.

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It was a different person. But the F,U,C,K,Y, and O keys are worn off on my keyboard now.

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There is a different person who keeps doing it to me too…. I should start using those keys more in my responses, I think.

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Back of the bus for me!

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Man, I was there, too! How come I didn’t get a comment?

Speaking of polarizing… Fluther (and the debating public in general) doesn’t get much more polarized than this. You’re either a myopic evangelist or you’re enjoying a fine game of whack-a-Christian.

@besafe, I think your comments would be more palatable if you turned your focus from trying to save us from ourselves to discussing the finer points of Christian theology. You might notice that “attempting to co-opt others into your belief system” is not the MO among the vast majority of this site’s users. Express what you believe to be true for you, and ask questions about things you don’t know, but you’re in very poor form to deliver sermons. If you want to answer every question with “because the bible tells me to” fine, but don’t hand us a flyer and don’t ask us to come to your meetings. And don’t tell us that you’re going to have a pizza social and turn it into a talk about God. If you want to bring more sheep into the flock, let your ideas speak for themselves.

Also, learn the meaning of IMHO.

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when a cup I’d shook what is inside comes out. Consider yourself shook.

Reason for the question—it seemed from your posts that some atheist would be happier isolated from anyone wanting to bring God onto the discussion.

Outdone. Didn’t know it was a competition.

Kevbo – sorry thought I did pm you. Thanks for your responses – they at least are a reasoned statement and not a bunch of emotional verbiage.

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Thanks, and if you don’t mind I still want to know how engineering has become polarized.

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I know I ll get spell check comments – please realize I am using my I phone and don’t see a spell check and edits a an urghhhhhj

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engineering – send me a pm so I will remember. Going to bed

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kevbo is awesome.

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seems segregation would be antithetical to the philosophy and pupose of this site…same thing can be said for proselytizing.

We’re here for mutual knowledge sharing, not judgment…let the gods handle that area please…too little time for it here, IMHO.

Or else state your point of view then move on. I’ve seen it happen here in the past and at best it muddies the water and at worst, puts gentility up on the shelf and lowers the bar.

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I think fluther needs a people against special interest groups page.

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While Besafe’s and shorty’s methodologies embarrass me as a Christian, I also tend to feel most are extremely critical about faith.

However, I also understand that each person sees their views as tearing back the facade of that which is religion. I never marginialize those beliefs of yours.

It gets harder each day to even consider expressing my view on faith because of the derisive atmosphere :(

@besafe: The idea of segregating ideas is inane. You gain nothing, and you do not grow if you exclude the ideas that are different from your own. This is why Fluther is successful, it is an arena of ideas.

I’ve only been here a week, and already i know I won’t be saying much on faith threads anymore.

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I wasn’t suggesting it just asked the question – as I said partly in an effort to shake the cup – to reveal the attitude in the hearts of some on fluther. Sorry to hear you won’t be sharing about your faith – is it really a off limits topic on fluther – I don’t think it should be and we each should be free to express our beliefs – otherwise there might just as well be segregated pages. I will share more on faith and God. I will however do it in a different context and with more sensitivity – since bringing offense because of my methods is not my desire, is counter productive, and does not match what Gods word teaches me.

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No, it is not off limits. There is rarely constructive feedback or criticism – it just rolls off as “oh, well that’s what you believe.” So I lose interest in sharing.

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@squirbel I would be glad to hear more about your faith.

I refuse to let those who opose bringing God and faith into discussions intimidate me and limit my freedom of speech.

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You know, I’m a Christian, and I’ve thought a lot about theology and Christology and the meaning of the Incarnation and how we can reconcile the internal self-contradictions in the Bible. As a very wise woman once said to me, doubt is the flip side of faith: if you don’t have doubt, you don’t have faith; and it seems to me that these Bible-thumpers are far too sure of themselves for my taste.

Like all other things on Fluther, the key is: don’t be boring. “Because the Bible tells me so” is a very boring answer; it doesn’t allow for any discussion or interpretation, or for different points of view.

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Yes but it shouldn’t exist.

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