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Should sushi only be eaten on the day it's made?

Asked by janbb (57702points) April 12th, 2010

Got some sushi I may not finish tonight. Is it o.k. to keep it (refrigerated of course) and eat it tomorrow or will dire things occur?

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it’s best to consume it once you start on it, especially if it has raw fish. California roll may not be as bad. But , you may not enjoy the left-over and leave a bad taste for future sushi delights.

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One night refrigerated is OK. I do not know about two days though.

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well, it IS raw fish.
And remember, fish and guests should not be eaten after the third day.

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You are brave if you do that!

you have no idea how long the fish has been in the Sushi Chefs frige.
I would not suggest to wait.
It’s best if the fish was swimming in the morning!

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It will keep for one day. Tastes much better fresh though. Make sure it is in a well sealed container so the rice doesn’t dry out.

@anartist Just like a sandwich does not necessary contain meat, not all sushi contains raw fish (or any fish). Depends what kind it is.

@OneMoreMinute Sushi does not necessarily contain fish! Ume maki, for example, off the top of my head.

Raw fish will last for a few days. It is the cooked rice that probably spoils first. And the nori that gets soggy.

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It’s best to throw it out. It might be safe for another day, but it just won’t be any good. Sushi is meant to be eaten instantly. It rapidly starts deteriorating in terms of flavor and texture soon after it is made.

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@lilikoi I know but the BEST sushi contains raw fish. Even cooked shrimp or eel go bad quickly.
And * sigh * who would pay the price of sushi just to eat vegetables?

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I prefer to eat it only once it is made.

And I don’t really get it. It is no big deal any way. I mean sushi in general.

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I have eaten it the next day – and I’m still here to type.

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Yes eat it right away, taste the best and is the freshest. lip lickin good.:) and you should eat it off of someone if you have the chance.

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it might be ok, but is it really worth the risk? im all for left overs, but… sometimes you just gotta toss ‘em.

next time try to order just one or 2 rolls at a time then you wont over estimate how much you will eat.

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you know the old saying…Fish smells like old company after three days!!!!

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If you get an eel roll, eat that ASAP. I had a leftover portion of an eel roll the day after and the fish was rubbery. Bleah!

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@anartist Um….I do….The price of the vegetable ones are lower. Cucumber, daikon, daikon sprout, takuan all make for great sushi and are pretty traditional I think. Ume, shiso, or ume-shiso maki is my favorite, and this is neither a vegetable nor fish. Ume is pickled plum, which is a fruit, and shiso is technically an herb I believe. Both are traditional Japanese ingredients so you don’t see them in other cuisines. Ume you can get on the side of rice, but shiso is much harder to find if you aren’t growing it yourself or using furikake. Sometimes on musubi, but the most common commercial use where I live by far is sushi. Fish and shrimp spoil relatively quickly, but not after just one day. I eat a lot of raw fish, and not just in sushi. Okay, that was probably much more than you wanted to know, lol.

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@lilikoi Thanks—that was a lot of interesting information. I am guessing you live in Japan based on the wide choice of vegetable and fruit sushi available. I have seen some of those you mention, in some sushi bars, but often they cost no less so I go for the fish.
the ume-shiso maki sounds interesting. Almost like a dessert sushi?

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