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What are some buildings in your town/city that command respect,architecturally speaking?

Asked by ucme (49392points) April 12th, 2010

Magnificent erections, steady on. What are some examples of a building that you admire for it’s aesthetic beauty.Be they old or relatively new,conventional or maybe quirky.

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here in chicago, we have famous brownstones and even frank lloyd wright homes in oak park and hyde park, but structures that claim a lot of respect would be, oh say, the monadnock building (correct spelling escapes me) or any of the museum structures along lake michigan. uh, marina towers—twin circular buildings along the rivernd of course wrigley field.

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some huge log cabins… a couple of them are businesses

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The university library in my hometown, Netherlands.

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The George Washington Masonic Memorial towers over the landscape of Alexandria.

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I live in Manhattan. Where should I begin?

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Royal Hawaiian


YWCA Laniākea designed by Julia Morgan

The Honolulu Design Center is a newer building, and one of the only ones (perhaps save the Royal Hawaiian above) that was intended to be a color other than tan.

We have some pretty cool stone structure remnants from the 1800s and heiau.

Hundreds of one lane bridges, many on the historic register, many in serious disrepair, some that are being modernized, widened, replaced with ugly concrete.

The Mapulehu glass house

A few nice lighthouses

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Our capitol building in tiny Olympia, Washington, looks exactly! like the one in Washington DC, is that cool or what??

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The Taubman Museum of Art It stands out mostly because it is so very different from anything else around here, but I do think it is something special in its own right. To the left you can see our H&C Coffee sign, which has caused more drama than you could think possible of any one sign. And, way back on the top of that hill… excuse me, I mean mountain… you can see a white light that is the Mill Mountain Star.

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the Eureka tower here in Melbourne Australia, Highest viewing platform in the southern hemisphere…. plus Has a cube room that slides out from the main structure so you can see beneath you all the way to the ground…. or The worlds only edge experience! A glass cube which projects 3 meters out from the building, with you in it – suspended almost 300 meters above the ground! link:

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