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Does DVD to iPod converter rip DVD for iPad?

Asked by aadmin (18points) April 13th, 2010

I don’t even have an iPad currently, but I do have tons of DVDs, and I have iPod touch, iPhone, PSP, Xbox. I usually use aHi DVD Ripper to convert DVD files to them. (Sometimes, I use a program called Video Sharer to download video from YouTube and dailymotion and convert them to MP3, MP4 formats.) They were works great.

Now, I want to buy a iPad.(Cuz I like reading novel on it, and appreciate my DVD movie on it.) So I want to know whether someone have ever used a DVD to iPod/iPhone/PSP converter to rip DVD to iPad, or any other software. Does it works well? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

As I get info from Wiki: iPad is considered to be in a category between the smartphone and the laptop computer. Similar in functionality to the smaller, less powerful iPhone or iPod touch,
it runs a modified version of the same operating system (iPhone OS).

Besides, I got some info from google that iPad has Overheating Problems. Any other problems or suggestions?

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you want to use a program called Handbrake

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It uses basically the same OS. If you can use one for ipod, it wont make a difference. MP4’s are still MP4’s.

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any video converter works nicely I suppose

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