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Is there any good softwear for a mac to help in writing your life story?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I want to write my life story of how God showed me mercy and grace in setting me free from a tormented life.

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I was going to be a bit snippy and say “text edit” cuz do you really need anything more than a text editor to write anything, but then I remembered an open sourced screen play writing software. So I guess if you want to write about you life like it was a movie (I’m assuming it would help with organization as well) there is a program called Celtx

I’ve never used it, it’s just part of a long list of open sourced program that I know of. See if that helps.

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This might not be suitable if you’re writing a novel but a great piece of software that might get your thoughts organized is VoodooPad. It is basically an offline wiki.

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A spelling checker would help; it’s “software,” not “softwear,” at least if you’re talking about computers.

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I’m sorry, I miss read the question. Softwear for my mac. I hand spin wool and crochet some great keyboard warmers. I find hey really help with life story writing. But don’t recomes them for essays, they just don’t give off the right vibe.

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I can vouch for Celtx. While I use Final Draft for my professional work, Celtx is the best screenplay/stageplay/novel formatter I have ever used that is available for free download. I highly recommend it, especially if you are on a mac.

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Abiword is an open source wordprocessor that is well received by writers. It doesn’t have the best interface but it is very stable and best of all free.

Truefire's avatar has free (and crapware free) office suites for Mac, Linux, and Windows.
I hope that answers your question. God bless.

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