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What is a pogues concert like? Crazy and rowdy? Calm and lounge-like? A little of both?

Asked by maggieb (13points) March 10th, 2008

We love so many of their songs, and were thinking of buying tickets to their concert in Boston next week. My husband is not much into crowds, especially crazy ones who want to dance up on each other. Help.

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I checked online and it looks like they’re playing at the Orpheum. This is a theater with seats (and a very nice venue), so it shouldn’t be crazy at all. I saw them recently at the Fillmore in SF, and I watched from the balcony, where everything was quite mellow – lounge-like, as you say. Down below (there it’s all standing), there was dancing but honestly nothing crazy. A lot of their fans are not super young anymore and don’t seem to want to break any bones.

AND, it was an amazing concert and I would highly recommend it. Shane looks like a mess and is totally unintelligible when he speaks, but his singing voice is as lovely as ever, the band sounds fantastic, and he’s really a hoot to watch. It will definitely not be out of control at the Orpheum, and I highly recommend it!

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