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Do you people watch while you're out & about? If so has this revealed anything suprising/interesting to you?

Asked by ucme (47077points) April 13th, 2010

I don’t myself but my wife & her friends do.Nothing too voyeuristic you understand,more socially observant.Over a sandwich & a coffee they people watch, say in a mall or somewhere similar. Apparently it can be quite interesting.Each to their own I say.Do you do this & dare I say it,is it more of a woman thing?

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I can not turn off my people-watching and this is NYC so you bet there are always interesting people to notice. I have learned that we’re all dependent on others for how we perceive ourselves.

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I LOVE people watching! it is so much fun and interesting. Usually at a coffee shop, sit outside with some friends and observe the others walking by. You see the most fascinating things and types of people.

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No. I’m not a terribly social person IRL. When I’m out, I’m usually totally absorbed in whatever it is that I’m doing to notice much about people I don’t know. Maybe it’s a guy thing or an Aspie thing?

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Oh sure I do. There’s nothing more fun than to see how people act & dress out in public. The thing here now is to go somewhere in your pajama bottoms & house slippers. Totally ridiculous, IMO.

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Nothing like a human zoo, I love to people watch.

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Oh yes, great fun & entertainment!

The most important thing to remember is that everyone wants happiness, even those that we consider obnoxious. ;-)

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Not really. Only thing I’ve noticed these days is how many people wear trousers that are 2 sizes to small giving people that lovely tire look that spills over the pants and under the short shirt. So I’m always surprised at how many people either don’t possess a mirror, or actually think this is a good look.

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People watching can be very fun and interesting. Observing someone in their actions can reveal more about a person than you know. Also if you think about it this is a good exercise for psychologists and psychology majors, to observe and pick out different personality traits and behaviors. Over-all though it is just a fun thing to do, and try and guess what the person is all about. Its not a judgmental thing, just an observant thing.

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I live in such a small community that I have already watched everyone. It makes life calmer.

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Watching people is one of my favorite past-times. They’re so interesting.

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Police officers never have a personal life. their neighbors constantly watch every move they make. i guess its because we are set upon a higher pedestal than the average human being. we know the private eyes are watching us and we have learned to accept it.

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People watching helps me with character development for my screenplays.

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I’d rather read. But if there’s nothing to read, then I’ll people watch. But that’s only because there’s people. I’d rather watch animals. Or the movement of the bushes and the trees in the wind. And the patterns the birds make, and the sounds they make. It’s just observation of life and the movement it makes, not really focused on people.

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Cheers everyone good stuff.

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I’m always watching and observing snippets of behavior, vignettes of relationships. I tend to be more interested in interactions and the stories I make up about people than how they look, but I do notice faces and clothes, too.

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It’s a habit. I’ve been an observer for many years. Take mental notes on unusual behaviors, clothing, tattoos, all kinds of stuff. It irritates my wife and I think that subconsciously encourages me.

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@majorrich LOL…spoken by a true husband.

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People watching is a girl thing?!? Man! Where have you been?

I love sitting at a table at a cafe, my latte gently steaming, taking a look through the paper (Phillies won again!), and I hear that clack, clack clack coming up behind me. In the reflection on the water pitcher, I can see she’ll be worth turning around for, so I look up, as if surprised. Oh boy! This woman would make Guy Noire turn over in his grave (he’s not dead yet, so imagine what I mean).

It isn’t just what she looks like (gorgeous) or how she’s dressed (outrageously hot), but she has this presence that says she knows she is something else.

I snap my paper hoping to attract a glance, but she is sailing down her own personal waterway on the sidewalk, never having to change her path, nor look to one side or the other. When she steps off the curb at the end of the block, there is a cab right there and a doorman (where the hell did he come from?) opening the door for her and helping her in. I turn back to my latte, noticing a faint floral scent that has descended upon all in her path as a reminder of the grace that has just anointed us.

(Ok, so that was a fantasy, but still, you’ve seen something close to that, right?)

When I eat lunch at the outdoor food court, there are young people of all races, nationalities and, of course, genders. It is a delightful place to girl people watch. Sigh. I suppose that, for me, one of the delights of getting older is that I no longer feel a need to apologize for being a guy.

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@wundayatta Ah now that’s different, that’s filly watching. A popular pastime if done correctly,avoid the wife seeing that is.

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@ucme Nothing’s to stop a guy from “filly” watching while the wife is people watching!

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@wundayatta Nope…can’t says I’ve ever been that enamored with watching a woman like that. Now get a tall guy, tight blue jeans, (bulging in just the right area), tight ass, cowboy boots, broad shoulders…ooohhh yeah, I’ll watch that all day long. :D

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Once I was all fucked on LSD with a friend, and we went to sit down on a fence by a Blockbuster Video. It had windows all around, and it’s probably because we were all fucked, but I couldn’t believe how systematic and near machine like that people are.
Walk in, get your movie, walk out. Go enjoy your weekend. Then someone else comes in and it starts over. It was like watching some kinda weird organic mechanism at work, like cattle being led form one place to another.
It was freaky that on a Friday night, people still seem so stuck in their routine, their allure of order and all, and bring this even when it comes to letting steam off and having planning their fun.

But yeah, stoned or not, I watch people a lot. Being rather shy in my younger days, I learned a lot about body language, and so it’s almost second nature to me. Being a social outcast isn’t actually being an outcast either, really you just learn to check out another facade of people.

I don’t pretend to know what it all means, but there’s definitely something there to see.

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I just returned from town where I did some banking. There is a new sign on the outside door: Please remove hats and sunglasses before entering.

I guess we don’t know each other as well as we though, although the robbery was at another and larger branch. Ours’ is still virginal.

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I love to people watch, the things people do, pick their nose, pull underwear from their crack. you name it. Its better then t.v

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@slick44: You need to watch a better class of people.

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@gailcalled… why? its funny what people do when they think no one is watching. Dont even try to say you havn’t done it.

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I observe everything & everyone I can. I sometimes regret it, though….

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i always do this! sometimes i hear snippets of peoples conversations and they seem so weird to me! how people say things, what they say….i cant think of a particular example, but just peoples manneurisms and what they do in general. it fascinates me.

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Some things can’t be un-seen. Like say a 400 pounder in stirrup pants.

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Bored, idle people become preoccupied with their hands, males generally stand towards women they don’t know and women generally stand facing away from males they don’t know, when people drive they lean into their turns as if they cannot complete the turn without doing so, women generally look at their nails by extending their fingers palm face down and men curl their fingers palm face up, etc etc :-P

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Yeah, for years, I’ve watch a lot of stuff that revolves around reactions between people. A few days ago I got very much into a guy’s personal space who damn near hit his wife/girlfriend/whatever. I know I had a serious look on my face when I looked dead at him and said, “Don’t do it”. His reaction was to lower his damn hand and walk away.

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