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I have been wondering; if you were a member of The National Honor Society in high school, are you still a member later on as an adult?

Asked by wilma (16432points) April 13th, 2010

If you were inducted into the National Honor Society in High school, does that membership continue on throughout your life? Or does it end with your graduation?
Also is there a National Honor Society, or like organization in Canada and other countries?

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I think it dies a noble death when your high school career ends and you get in to the college of your choice.

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Does the National Art Honor Society count?

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NHS is a club that you have to be selected for every year. You don’t automatically get into it your senior year just because you were in it your junior year. Therefore, because you weren’t eligable to apply for it after you graduated, you can’t be in it after you graduated.

See also their own website:
“For NHS, membership is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have attended the school for the equivalent of one semester (or as accepted by the local Faculty Council per powers granted in Article IX, Section 1) and who have a cumulative scholastic average of 85 percent, B, 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale), or the equivalent standard of excellence”

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High school is best left behind, I have never attended a reunion, could care less about finding old classmates…it is sooo the past. lol

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@janbb and @Coloma , yes, the past should stay there.
@ChazMaz it counts if you want it to.
@MrItty, Yes that does make sense. I checked on their website but wasn’t able to come up with what you found. Thanks so much!

I was wondering, because I will be attending my son’s induction tonight. In the past, when I have gone for my other children, they always had the past members stand and be recognized. I thought it was nice.

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I was tapped as a junior and automatically remained a member my senior year. Haven’t given the NHS a thought since graduation from HS.

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@gailcalled I was also inducted as a Junior and automatically remained as a Senior.
It is a bit different now, they can be invited to join as Sophomores and must fill out an application, something I never had to do.
It isn’t something I thought about, until my kids were involved.

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It does take the fun out of those assemblies.

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I think you stop caring, :) but GQ

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The college-level societies are dues based and lifetime memberships. That’s not so with the NHS in high school.

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