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What are the chances of becoming pregnant?

Asked by Shuichi (316points) April 13th, 2010

I’ve been taking a birth control for almost 2 months called microgestin fe 1 20. I am a Sunday starter as well as a period day 1 starter. My boyfriend and I started having sex about a month and a half in. I took a pregnancy test and I’m fine but I recently had sex on the brown pill (sugar pill) I am paranoid i’m pregnant because I’m on the 3rd sugar pill and nothing yet.. my friends say i’m not and so does my health teacher.. what do you think?

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Depending upon fecundability, approximately .2 for each act of intercourse during a cycle.

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I would suggest staying consistant with your birth control and if need be have your partner use condoms. Never hurts to have backup.

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i usually dont get my period til the 3rd or 4th sugar pill. it always worries me but now im just starting to realize that its how my body is. if you took a test and its negative, you really shouldnt be too worried. there’s always that chance but i’d give it a few more days.

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If you’re having unprotected sex, you might get pregnant. Get a test in case.

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what’s the difference betwen sugar pill and the pill

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birth control pills are 98% effective. hang in there. Just a couple of more days.

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My period starts about 3 days into the sugar pills. You are still in the early stages of taking the pill and your body may still be adjusting to taking them. Eventually, you should have it pinpointed when you will get your period. As long as you take it when you are supposed do and don’t skip doses and take it at about the same time everyday you should be fine. give it a few more days and if still not then take another test. Have you been stressed or changed eating habits or gained/loss weight this month. Sometimes those factors affect the timing of mine.

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Even if your on the pill, have your boyfriend wear a condom either way. Better be safe than sorry. I think he rather you tell him to wear one than to tell him he’s a dad!

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@Ludy the sugar pills are for the 7 days you’re supposed to have your period. they dont have anything in them. i dont even take mine…there’s no point.

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You may be on the pill, but it is never 100%. Each time you have intercourse, there is a risk, even a low one, it is still a risk. Use an additional form of birth control such as a condom. Either that or don’t have sex until you are somewhat sure you can handle a pregnancy. Until that is a risk that you feel comfortable with.

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The pill may have changed the day you now start your period. When I was on the pill, I didn’t start until the 3rd or 4th sugar pill. @deni is right, the sugar pill is useless, but it is there to keep consistency in taking the pill, to ensure you take one each day of the month.
I wouldn’t worry yet about being pregnant. The pill may have changed your entire cycle.

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If you pass gas within 17 hours of having sex on the brown pill you are a ok. but get a pregnancy test anyway…I am not a doctor

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that so unbelivable

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@Ludy what is unbelievable?

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The hormone can make your periods much lighter or not happen at all.

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passing gas as a sign of not being pregnent

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You’re probably pregnant

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