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How can I make a trigger finger?

Asked by xboxfan (110points) April 13th, 2010

I use my middle finger for shooting, but thats not fast enough. My friend said i cant have a MOD controller (looks like a MOD) becuase if I did had a MOD controller, i would be able to move my sights more. Its for the Xbox 360 for Modern Warfare 2. Is there any trick like a popstickle stick tape on the trigger and use 2 fingers?

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Try getting in touch with these guys via email.

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Practice. that is the only sure fire way to get better at an fps game, specifically having a fast trigger finger. Using modded controllers or those sort of tricks will not help you in the long run, and will make it harder to change to a style of play without mods when you choose to. Also, it is cheap and does not take any real skill to win with a modded controller.

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