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Any realistic migraine solutions other than medication?

Asked by wtfrickinfrack (1354points) April 14th, 2010

I have been having a migraine about once a week for the past few years and have been to the doctor about a bazillion times for it. He came to the conclusion that it’s related to my Tourette’s Syndrome (TS) and until there’s a cure for TS, I’m out of luck where the migraines are concerned. I have a prescription for some migraine meds that work about 40% of the time. The point of this question is the other 60% of the time!

Are there any fellow jellies that suffer with migraines? If so, have you found anything that works to alleviate any of the associated symptoms? I’d appreciate ANY suggestions :)

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I think sex is a great cure.

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Aspirin, caffeine and lots of fluids.

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Diet can have an impact on migraine. There are trigger foods that can cause migraine headaches. This site spells out the details.

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I’ve had headaches for years which were only cured forgotten about through exercise, sex, or sleep. I recently discovered that marijuana also aids me in ignoring the pain. I don’t know if ganja is a “drug” on your list, but just something to consider.

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I had recurrent migraines in high school and college and often wound up in the emergency room (I foolishly would wait until I was vomiting blood). I seem to have largely outgrown them, since they don’t happen nearly that often now. But if I feel one coming on, if I catch it in time, I can prevent a full blown attack by taking ibuprofen and then lying in an almost scaldingly hot tub of water. Somehow, the hot water suppresses my vomiting response and allows me to keep medication down until it can be absorbed. I don’t know if this is a quirk specific to me, but it may be worth a try.

Those who have never truly had a migraine, merely bad headaches, have no idea just how horrible they are.

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I am 66. my first migraine headache occured when i was 19. i was having a migraine headache every three days. they were controlling my life, not the opposite. i have tried every medication out there, with no help. i have been to the Vanderbilt Pain Clinic, where they tried magnets on my head. this was a joke. the fastest relief came from an injection over my right eye to the location of my headache. it was instant relief. the only thing i have to offer you is your age. my migraine headaches stopped when i turned 52 years old and have not reappeared.

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@syz I didn’t know we were measuring dicks. I thought we were trying to help this person.

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@Facade I would contend that if you have been able to alleviate migraines by exercise, sex, or sleep, then you have not actually had a migraine.

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@syz Who knows? The doctors sure didn’t. Again, don’t try to make others feel bad for not being in as much pain as you are/were. It’s ridiculous.

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@syz _(I foolishly would wait until I was vomiting blood). _

This not a conventional migraine response – you appear to have additional problems. As for sex helping, it is well established that endorphins – released during sex – are one of the strongest painkillers around. Their entire purpose is analgesia. When I was at my worst with metastatic cancer sex was as effective as Morphine or Pethidine and a lot more pleasant in application.

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@DarkScribe I can’t imagine wanting to have sex or finding anyone who would want to have sex with a partner that is moaning in pain, can’t see because of the tunnel vision, and vomiting from the pain.

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@syz I can’t imagine wanting to have sex or finding anyone who would want to have sex with a partner that is moaning in pain

That is sad. A comforting, caressing cuddle from a caring partner can easily lead to sex – if the partner is aware of the benefits and takes that lead. As previously mentioned, vomiting is not a conventional migraine response. Many people in extreme pain have no urge to vomit. My biggest problem if I allow a migraine to fully develop is light sensitivity. I cannot take anything but dim light. Lots of fluids, a 1000mg of Aspirin and a very strong mug of coffee usually handles it within twenty minutes or so. Migraine sufferers have very different triggers, and very different “efficacious” responses.

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Some people have had success with acupuncture. Worth a try if you can find someone trained in this in your area, and are willing to spend $50–100 a visit.

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Turn the A/C way up (or is that down). Get it nice and cold.

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My wife gets migraines. When we lived in Manchester, she would get 1–2 a week.

Moving from the (very wet) North-west of England to the (much drier) East coast of Scotland almost totally eliminated them – she gets them maybe 2–3 times a year now.

Weather – specifically low pressure systems and warm fronts – seems to be the trigger for hers. What’s yours?

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I stopped drinking as much diet mt. dew. and you have a pressure point between your thumb and index finger, bout an inch in, grab it with your opposing thumb index finger (place firmly one finger on top- one on bottom of hand) with some good pressure. It tends to ease it a bit.

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I don’t have any experience with migraine, But after serious orthopedic surgery, my lady was in terrible pain, even at the maximum dosage of narcotic pain medications. A lot of gentle cuddling and massage helped take her mind off the pain. Eventually we discovered a chinese-trained accupuncture practitioner. This did the trick. I have no idea why sticking needles into her back and hips stopped the pain in her feet, but it worked. She was even able to reduce her medication dosage.

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@syz Sleep. with migraines, sometimes you just gotta lay down with the lights down and the house quiet til it goes away. Sleep does help, especially with imitrex.

Cant we all smoke a bong??

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Eat a pickle. Make sure it is a nice crunchy deli style one.

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