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Will you be required to purchase apps for the iPhone sdk?

Asked by trogdor (58points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone

and also I thought sdk was set for release in feburary,
where is it

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The SDK (software development kit) runs on your computer and was already released. You will need to wait until June to run applications people write with the SDK on your iPhone/Touch.

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its out already. Jobs said that some apps are free but some u will have to purchase

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You won’t be required to buy apps.

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Most will be free.

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I’d be amazed if most applications wind up being free.

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soo how do i get the sdk? did it download with a new version of itunes or something?
i dont really pay attention.

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You can get the free download for the SDK at note: you must have mac 10.5 to run the SDK.

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OK thanks.
i ended up watching the march 5th presentation so i no longer require answers for this subject.
Thanks :]

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