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Why do those freezer popsicles make you cough?

Asked by msbauer (420points) April 14th, 2010

What’s up with these popsicles that always makes you cough when you eat them?

Ever experienced that? Weird that it only happens with this kind isn’t it? Please help me and the world (which at least includes my roommate and I) solve this mystery!

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I live off of freezepops in the summer.. and I’ve never had that problem..

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I have them fairly often and I’ve never coughed whilst eating one…

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do you really mean THESE?!?! because everyone i’ve talked to always coughs coughs coughs

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Perhaps a better question is why they make you cough.

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@msbauer Yeah, I mean those ones… In fact there’s about 40 of ‘em in my freezer right now!

I have never heard of anyone actually coughing while eating them, though… :/

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ahhh i love freeze pops. there are cheap ones and then there are the good ones though and there is a world of difference. in the good ones, the pink ones are absolutely phenomenal and i am not even kidding. mindblowing one might even say.

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I could be wrong, but I believe it has to do with the temperature. When the air/temperature is really cold, it gets thinner, making it difficult to breathe. Try going in the mountain and makes you cough. Probably what is happening is once the Popsicle is in your mouth, it is cold enough to the point where the air thins out, making it difficult to breathe and you cough.

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They definitely make me and my husband cough, too!

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@Narl finally, SOMEONE knows what i’m talking about! it’s a mystery…

@Ponderer983 thing is, doesnt happen with any other popsicles/cold things. but you’re right, bronchial constrictions due to cold temps can cause coughing.

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