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How do I delete duplicates on my itunes?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2419points) April 14th, 2010

I can “show duplicates” but I can’t delete them with the same button? I just had my computer reimaged and now I have a bunch of the same song- I seriously don’t have time to sort through 700+ manually.

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You will have to – there is no way to delete duplicates, because iTunes wants YOU to determine which copy you want to keep.

Are they exact duplicates? Are they all within the same Music folders on your hard drive? Or are there features that might distinguish the original from the copy? Of there are, than sort the Library by that feature and Shift + Click to select the whole range of the songs with the feature you want to delete, then hit Delete.

You may want to see if they have different dates in the “Date Added” column, as this may be the only distinguishing field.

Good luck!

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700 plus? Child’s play. Try 11,000 songs.

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@hearkat – yeah for the most part they’re the exact thing, probably just screwed up after the reimage. thanks anyways.
@justn no, I have 700 and 80 something of duplicates. I have almost 4k songs. (unless you have 11k duplicates, in which case that blows :P )

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In itunes, click file up at the top, then click on display duplicates :) then do what @hearkat said.

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Well, there is no automatic way that i know of, but the closest thing i can tell you is to go to Edit> Show Duplicate Songs and then sort by time. this is the easiest way i have found to weed out those duped songs.

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There are third party apps that will aid in automating duplicate removal. I have not used any of them – I do it manually, but many advertise that feature. You need to be careful as unless you select which duplicate to delete you could end up with the lesser in quality of the choices. For instance, in my duplicate there are different versions of the same singer/song, but with one a much higher quality than the other. You can “Display Duplicates” then select and add them to a new Playlist. Once in that playlist you can sort by bit rate and bulk tag the lower bit rates for deletion. That would at last ensure that you had the higher recording quality retained.

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@DarkScribe I know what you’re saying because I do have songs like that, but for the most part these are literal duplicates. I’m pretty sure something got messed up when I reinstalled itunes on my computer because I have multiple files for the same song (by accident) and it uploaded them both.

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