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What do you think is the weirdest thing that humans consider normal?

Asked by Jamkas (195points) July 17th, 2009
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Being rude to others.

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“Oh, lets put milk in a cave for a few weeks and eat the mold!”

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Using the same kind of logic as @boots, I nominate eggs.

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@MacBean “Chicken babies: It’s what’s for breakfast.”

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chicken babies with melted mold on top. yummy!

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That someone had the cojones to let cream go sour, then tasted it, and now we put it on our baked potatoes.

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Ear piercings.

“Hey, see these nubby things in the side of my head Bob? I got a great idea! I’m going to intentionally injure a sensitive part of my body for no reason whatsoever other than my own warped sense of vanity! Whatchoo tink?”

”...Sounds good.”


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I think cheese was discovered by an Arabic guy who was carrying milk in a bag made of skin. I bet that was some tasty stuff. ~

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@asmonet that reminds me, tonight at work I saw a truck driver with a piercing in the center part of his nose, the septum, and a 3 inch ring in each ear lobe. I about spit my soda all over him when he climbed down out of his truck.

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bottled water

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Roller coasters. Why build a contraption that simulates perilous situations and absence of G forces? I ride them, and yet I don’t quite understand why I like them so much.

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Dressing up dogs for Halloween.

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Mistaking sex for intimacy.

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@Saturated_Brain What an interesting point of view

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@jonsblond dressing up animals period.

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@Facade Wouldn’t you agree? Sex is one way in which we can express our intimacy for one another, but it is in no way equivalent to true intimacy, which goes way beyond that.

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@eponymoushipster This might change your mind. sexy, no?

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To heck with cheese, think about milk. Who looked between a cow’s legs and said to themselves, you know what? I think I’ll drink whatever comes out of THAT!

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@dalepetrie Who didn’t?!

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@jonsblond let’s not bring family into it. besides, that lass is smarter than some of the people on Fluther. she once was put in a room with me and 998 of our cousins, and we collectively typed the complete works of Pushkin.

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Asmonet got to it before I could. How the idea of impaling yourself and then hanging something from the hole you’ve created became “normal”, I don’t understand.

Along the same lines, I don’t understand how permanently staining your skin with a needle became normal, either.

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i can’t think of anything humans consider normal that i don’t think is absurdly weird.

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@tiffyandthewall Pancakes topped with fluther syrup and frizzen strawberries?

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Some good ones then, I would have said eggs or tattoos (but asmonet’s piercings are actually better). I think that overall what I find amazing are the rituals. Especially how they’ve stopped meaning anything, but it’s still unthinkable to do without them. Marriage comes to mind. Not the actual idea of living together, but the wedding ceremony.

Overall I am stunned by the notion that things should be in a certain way just because “that’s the way they are”.Which is sometimes more powerful than any natural law, scientific research or government regulation.

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I second ‘smoking’ cigarettes. Here in the UK , packs contain the warning, in big letters, SMOKING KILLS. You can go into shops and buy these things!! Weird.

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eating stuff from animals that we wouldn’t eat if they came from humans.
like bee vomit.
or fermented milk. (also known as cheese).
piglets and calfs.

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Mmmm, lets go eat some delicious fish eggs! And while we’re at it, why don’t we pay $200 for ‘em? ~

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Buying bottled water that is no better than water from the tap

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@LostInParadise You might want to investigate the detrimental health effects Chlorine, Aluminium, Copper sulphate, Pesticide residues and Pharmaceauticl drug residues that are all found in tap water, before you eulogies it.

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Sitting in front of a box stuffed with electronics and watching junk TV.

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@lloydbird , City water is carefully analyzed and in almost all cases far exceeds safety requirements. It is about the most healthful water available.

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@Lupin If I could give you five hundred more lurve points for that, I would. Great Answer!!!!

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@LostInParadise great answer, I know what goes into tap water, as I have friends in the water treatment business, and obvioulsy someone else is subscribing to the scare tactics of people looking to make money off the naivety of the general public. Tap water is by far much safer than assumed. Hell, several bottled water companies must have thought so, they were selling it until they got found out.

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Bird’s Nest Soup which is made from Robin vomit (or something like that). I wonder how many different variations of Robin vomit recipes they tried before they decided “Yep! Soup is the best!!” I hate to think they tried Robin vomit in cakes, cookies, fried, a la mode, yada, yada, yada…

Then, too, what WAS wrong with Batman’s vomit?

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Lurve to anyone who is against bottled water. What a waste of resources and money! How weird is the idea that suddenly we have to constantly have water with us to “hydrate” ourselves when for centuries you just went to the tap and got a glass of water when you were thirsty.

I think automobiles and the society that has developed from the car culture (suburbs, interstates, etc.) must be one of the weirdest things we consider normal. Imagine how much better life would be in many ways if we just had public transportation and “shank’s mare” to rely on.

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Cutting off our nails and hair is weird. We pretty much have to cut of dead pieces of ourselves to be socially acceptable and in the case of our nails, functional.

Actually, it didn’t occur to me that it was weird until the boy got very chatty and went into a spiel about it.

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Cosmetic plastic surgery including breast enlargement and nose jobs.

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i think these would be quite unwieldy:

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Sex and hot sauce.
Not together. Individually.

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That we have domesticated dogs and cats to be nothing other than soft and friendly to the point where they could never survive in the wild.

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Dying our hair, but especially bleaching it. So many horrible chemicals being put on our hair.

And for that matter, we swim in chemicals too! Swimming pools and hot tubs.

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I just generally dislike mankind for the most part.

The earing, tattoos and hair dying don’t really surprise me in the least and I don’t find them weird. Human beings, generally blend in with each other very well. rings, ink, and hair dye are nothing more than an attempt to peacock oneself to attract people to them, if anything that’s probably to most natural things on the lists so far. Human’s have just evolved enough to realize non biological means to make themselves stand out.

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Men with clipper cuts/ fades/ flat tops.
“Hi. Could you please cut my hair so it looks like i’m growing a hair hat? Ok, thanks.”

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Killing animals to eat in general.

Yeah, I eat ‘em, but why is killing animals to eat more acceptable than them killing us to eat? If a cow killed a man for food, he’d be shot. But if a man kills a cow to eat, “Mmm, steak.”

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because a human isn’t the same as an animal :)

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Actually humans are part of the taxonomic family of the great apes. We ARE animals.

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@ragingloli aren’t we part of the taxonomic family of the great statues, what with made out of clay and all?

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only according to the abrahamics

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@mangeons welcome to the food chain. besides, by most accounts people don’t taste very good.

and cows don’t have an active consciousness, humans, on the other hand do, kind of completely different circumstances.

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Swimming for fun in the ocean. Who watches Discovery? Fish reproduce and defecate and urinate and shuck “skin” in that sticky salty water. Ewww.

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@mangeons, I’ve heard that human meat tastes like rancid pork, or maybe it was rancid lamb. Either way, when the animal rights activists ban hunting and meat eating in general, those of us who want to remain carnivore will be outlaws and we will have to resort to eating vegetarians. I bet vegetarians are pretty darn tasty.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra it’s pork. human flesh also smells like pork – or so i understand. if you read things written by those that survived the Holocaust, or other events, they speak about it.

and veggies probably are pretty tasty. i like cows fed grass, so it must stand to reason…

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Definitely war, especially when you look at the costs, and what the “winners” have actually gained. If all of the resources humans have put into war just since 1900 were instead put into space travel, we’d have millions of people living in cities on the Moon and Mars by now, and a very robust space-based economy. But no, we’re still stuck on Earth squabbling over whose religion is the “right and true” one… Sad.

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@Shegrin wow way to take all the fun out of the ocean :P… would you like to piss in my cheerios tomorrow morning also?

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@eponymoushipster it all tastes like chicken :P

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Sorry. I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico. That’s some of the most disgusting water on the planet. I suppose my view is a bit tainted. But fish live everywhere.

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Neck ties…

Who came up with the idea that hanging a piece of fabric from your neck would distinguish you as higher-class or fancy?

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@jfos neck ties first were the result of a way to cover up the buttons on one’s shirt.

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@jfos I really did LOL. Good answer and you’re right

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Blushing! Why do people do this? it can’t be a link to our past what’s the advantage of it. It may help sexually if men like timid, but our cave dwelling ancestors liked beating their chests and others heads

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@graynett you’re thinking about it in the wrong ways. When dogs become submissive they put their ears down and tuck their tail in between their legs. We don’t have anything to readily do that, so we blush.

Blushing serves it’s evolutionary purpose very well.

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@graynett Blushing is the “flight” or the flight or fight saying, I think. When we are faced with a shocking or dangerous situation, we either blush or turn pale. If you turn pale say after falling in a frozen lake, all the blood and warmth from you face goes to you core (organs, heart, brain) to keep you alive and not let heat come off your body. I’m not sure what the point of blushing is (scientifically), but I guess we jall ust get embarassed sometimes. ;P

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Letting street animals LIVE in the house??

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reality tv

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Ice skating. Think about it.

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Road rage. it happens all the time on the interstate. cutting people off and following too close.

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doing hateful thing in the name of god yes I would have to say RELIGION as well!!

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For animals we were given very poorly designed feet. lol

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We twitter and use facebook.
We put clothes on animals, and carry said animals in handbags.

Also, I was sweeping the other day and I thought… this is stupid, why get rid of dirt? It’s everywhere outside.. but that’s just my unpractical, abnormal-side thinking.

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My ex husband’s wife just called my son, who is getting married in a few months, and asked him to let her bring her little dog to the wedding, because “I bought a tuxedo for him, and I want him to be in the pictures.” Now that is WIERD!

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Blowing our noses.

Very strange, nothing else blows their nose. lol

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@Coloma Say it snot true!


When teenagers go through a goofy phase.

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wearing clothes all the time

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The rectilinear world.

Round houses and bothies are far more sociable. Privacy is a modern invention. I blame the Romans mostly.

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Listening to music.

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