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At what URL can I purchase a 100 oz+ stainless steel container to drink out of?

Asked by malevolentbutticklish (2155points) April 15th, 2010

I am tired of all these little sissy 20–40 oz water bottles. If I am in the hot sun I can drink two gallons in a day. Do they sell a 1 gallon food grade stainless steel container you can reasonably drink directly out of (just as you can drink out of a one gallon plastic milk jug)?

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You might want to try a water bladder/pouch. I have one that is over 3 liters.

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That’s a buttload of water. I wouldn’t want to carry around that much weight. Check these out:



3 (glass, but can’t beat the price, and glass is inert but more fragile)

4 (half gallon)


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@jaytkay Not a good link.

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Get one of these. I believe they come in 50 – 100 US fluid oz. varieties.

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@chyna: @jaytkay‘s link was good but Fluther is buggy. Fluther tries to monetize sales by inserting their own codes and there is a bug in that software.

@jaytkay: You can work around the bug with for links:

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@jaytkay: How do we know the Jerry Can you suggest is safe to drink out of? There are many products which are stainless but are not food-safe for one reason or another.

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@malevolentbutticklish Thanks. That’s interesting about the Amazon links, I’ve never run into that before.

No saying if the gas can is safe or not, so I guess I would avoid that option.

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Thank you all. It looks like the largest food-safe stainless container I could reasonably drink out of directly is only ½ gallon. No matter how many SKUs they add to the world there are none outside this range.

They do make suitable 1 gallon glass bottles: but these are subject to breaking, are heavy, etc.

I already own a camelbak bag (For those interested the bladder on the first one I owned burst) but it is hard to clean and plastic.

There are many other plastic containers. I feel that the plastics absorb and hold smells. They may also leach chemicals if the water is not often discarded and refreshed. I’ll hold out another 24 hours for a gallon container and then I’ll purchase the 64 oz stainless container @lilikoi suggested.

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Wait wait, there may be other options. You might wanna head down to a commercial restaurant supply store. Those places are loaded with stainless steel goodies for very reasonable prices. It might be that you’ll find something that is not specifically marketed as a water bottle, but will work nonetheless. Maybe like this. Good point about food grade. If that doesn’t work out, my mother swears by Klean Kanteen. I’m going to own 2 of the 27 oz ones soon thanks to her heckling me about it.

Oh! Oh! Or an army surplus store.

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Okay this looks pretty good. I think this is the same Stanley that is still around making thermoses. Hard to tell for sure what the metal is from the pictures – I’d ask the guy if it is stainless, or contact the company directly. Another one (sounds like there is some kind of insulation in it, though). This one says it is lined with S/S; 2 gal. And one more 2 gal, but missing lid/cup. The last photo in this listing really looks like the bottom is S/S.

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