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What to wear to interview at luxury hotel?

Asked by Asdfcat (41points) April 15th, 2010 from iPhone

Just nabbed an interview at a luxury boutique hotel in downtown Washington dc. I’m a female and while I was thinking a button down pinstripe shirt and pencil skirt would work, the gentleman on the phone said “dress to impress” and now I’m worried that outfit isn’t really impressive enough! I want this job!!! Suggestions??

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I’d definitely go for something business-like and classy. Button down shirt and pencil skirt sounds wonderful. Don’t forget the pantyhose and that cute pair of heels to pull it all together.

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I immediately thought of a pencil skirt and a button down shirt as well. Perhaps throw in a neck scarf and wear a nice set of heels.
Good luck!

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That sounds classy. If in doubt go to a similar hotel nearby and look at what the other women are wearing. It’s in DC. You can’t possibly overdress.

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What has already been suggested sounds about right.Add a confident smile & you’re good to go.

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If you want to go up one notch, you might consider a suit.

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What ever you wear.

You better dress and look smart.

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Buy a suit. You can’t interview for a luxury hotel job looking business casual.

Buying a suit is an investment in your career. Yes it’s a significant one time cost, but just wearing a suit will get you so many more places that if you don’t.

Sounds superficial and shallow yes but that’s the luxury customer service world for you.

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I would suggest a nice pair of dress pants, a nice white shirt and a cute pink scarf, oh and don’t forget a nice pair of balck heels. :)

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It depends on what the interview is for. Is it with the hotel or just taking place at the hotel? If it’s an interview for a hardcore porn movie for example I would suggest a different attire to if it was a receptionist job. Although maybe the receptionst outfit would be exactly what the porn recruiters would be looking for. I give up.

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Assuming you’re trying to work for the hotel and it is not just the interview that is happening there (@beautifulbobby193 had a good point):

Go down to the hotel and scout it out. What are other people that work there wearing? Use that as a starting point.

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Whatever you wear, make sure it’s current, not that skirt or slacks you’ve had hanging in your closet since 2002 (or 1987.)

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@CaptainFantasy has a good point. Your outfit sounds very nice, but it is a business casual outfit. (One of my friends is an administrative assistant, and she wears similar outfits to work most days.) Wearing a suit would make you look more professional and show that you take the job opportunity seriously. And somehow just wearing a suit can make you feel like a person of gravitas, someone to be taken seriously.

Also, I’m sure you’ve been in downtown DC during rush hour. Check out 17th and K streets on a weekday morning- it seems like everyone is wearing a suit.

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Visit the hotel or one like it and observe what their business staff is wearing, then dress at least that level if not better.

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You should dress appropriate for the position. If the front desk staff are dressed in uniform suit jackets and ties, then you should wear something very similar to your interview. If they’re in polo shirts and khakis, then you should emulate that as close as possible. When you walk up to the hiring manager and shake their hand, the first thing that should run through their mind is that you “belong” there.

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