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How long does the iPhone battery last?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) April 15th, 2010

I wanna purchase Iphone 3G.I wanted to purchase Iphone 3GS but concerning its cost it’s very costly.

Now i am going to buy Iphone 3G.
Do you know its overall drawbacks & advantages?
How long does the iPhone battery last?

If the battery is broken down then what will the price of new battery?

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Depends on what specs you have activated – how bright the screen is, how long you’re running apps, how loud/ etc. I have the brightness dimmed and not as many push notifications and it lasts almost 2 days.

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it all depends on how much you use it. If you use of such is very limited I’ve seen it last longer than 2 days. If you’re playing with it constantly it could last maybe 5 hours?

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When I first got mine, I was surprised at how quickly it went, even with the brightness turned down to 50%.

I can get about a day and a half out of mine if I’m lucky, and this is with a medium amount of web/app usage. I’m jaded with the whole iPhone thing anyways, Droid here I come!

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I charge mine every other night. What kills my battery is when i have bluetooth, 3G, or wifi on. I only turn them on when I need to and turn them off when i’m done, especially the 3G and bluetooth. because if i don’t, the battery wont last me half a day.

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Lasts less than a day if you are using a lot of apps (Fluther included).

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I’m lucky if the battery lasted a full day. I spent a lot of time texting and playing with the apps. I had to take the iPhone back to apple, cancel my contract ( which they did ) and go back to my blackberry. Now I have my blackberry with sprint and my itouch with apple.

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I thought they were coming out with a new iPhone soon?

If I keep the screen dim mine will last up to 7 hours of continuous use. I also got a Christmas give of a battery extension pack that will re-charge it up to 5 times.

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Heat will shorten battery life. When you charge it keep the unit cool – not under blankets, in the sun, or on top of the radiator.
Keep your car charging to a minimum. The output is not as clean as wall unit and the noise is dissipated as heat inside your unit.

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I’d wait. The new iPhone will be released in June, 3gs prices will likely drop after that. The new iPhone OS 4.0 (which has multitasking & folders -also released around June) is not meant to run on 3g.

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:( Alas- I shall no longer have the “latest and greatest” but truly my 3g answers all my needs and I would recommend waiting as netgrrl says as the prices should drop.

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I charge mine every night as I use it in a speaker dock as my alarm clock. I talk on the phone a lot, and will usually get around 5–6 hour of talk time before it hits 10% battery life. But for the most part the battery last through the day.

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Agreed with @netgrrl Now is a very bad time to buy an iPhone 3G. Just wait until the new iPhones in June and you could probably get an iPhone 3GS for half the price.

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The iPhone eats batteries if used as intended by all the hype and hoopla. Most people I know have to charge theirs daily, and some don’t make it through the day. However, if you are a more moderate user, you might get 1–½ days out of a charge with a new one.

Within a year it’ll go down ~15%; such is the nature of Lithium-ion batteries. Within 2 years, you’ll likely need a replacement battery, but that is true of anything wth LiON batteries.

But with the next revision due out soon, I concur; hold off for now.

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I had my 1st iPhone for 2 years & did not get the battery degradation you speak of – certainly it was much better than 15%.

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@netgrrl That figure is an average. Depending on a few things, it can vary from negligible to 95%. For instance, my Sansa e280 MP3 player is three years old and still has ~80% of it’s capacity whereas my netbook has lost ~10% in just over a year and my old cellphone was under 50% after after 3 years.

Your mileage may vary.

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