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People who wear prescription glasses: do your glasses have anti-reflective coating and do you think it's worth the extra cost?

Asked by jca (36005points) April 16th, 2010

i am a contact lens wearer, however, i have to wear glasses at home, when my contacts are out, because my sight is so bad. today i ordered some spare eyeglasses at Costco and the optical staff really tried to talk me into getting the anti-reflective coating. I told them i really don’t wear my glasses out, i just wear them at home until i put in my contacts. my glasses are pretty thick because i’m blind as a bat but it doesn’t matter, since i never wear the glasses anyway. however, since the staff were working so hard to convince me that not having the anti-reflective coating would be a terrible mistake, making the glasses so hideous i could not wear them outside if i had to, i am wondering if it’s really worth the additional cost to have the anti-reflective put on. do you have anti-reflective coating on your glasses and if so, is it worth it?

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I would go for it and here is why: there may come a time when your contact lenses are lost, broken or stolen. it would be nice to know that you had your glasses as a backup and with the special coating, you could be protected from from the suns glare, while outside. i had this coating on my glasses while i was in uniform and outside all the time. the anti-reflective coating really made a difference. you may not ever have this problem, but at least it would be comforting to know its there…........just in case.

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I had it put on once, on one pair of glasses. After a while it started to peel off. I never let them sell it to me again. The guy tried so hard to urge me, and I resisted so hard, that he said “What if I gave it to you?” I said “Not even then.” I said “I would pay extra NOT to have it.” That’s when he believed me.

My glasses work absolutely fine without it.

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If you’re used to having the coating and suddenly do not, you will miss it and notice the reflections along the edge of the lenses because they’re new data for the brain to deal with.

If you are used to not having the coating, the reflections happen, but the brain, being so good at filtering signal from noise, soon learns that the reflections are not useful information and eventually filters them out of the stuff you actively perceive. You will still physically see them, but you’ll have to really think about it in order to actively take notice of it.

I have it. (Never had it peel off, it’s more like it’s part of the lens itself.) Spouse does not have it, and is not bothered. I think it’s mostly upsell, like when you get your oil changed and they bug you about getting new wiper blades so they make more money.

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I have worn glasses for over 20 years. I’m 32 now and have never used the coating and things are just fine.

edit :: And it hurts to get out of bed without my glasses. Putting them away is the last thing I do before bed and putting them on is the first thing I do in the morning.

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@johnpowell: me too. i have to either put them in the same place or remember where i put them, usually right by the bedside, otherwise i’m groping around like a blind person.

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thank you for asking this, I’ve been debating this because I need new glasses as well and they are quite forceful about this product

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@jca :: It is a conundrum. I can’t find my glasses without my glasses. I spent 20 minutes stumbling around my room looking for them the other day. They were on my desk, a meter away from my bed.

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I had issues with the glare-free coating getting scratched easily. Think small to medium breeze in a woodshop kind of debris. Pine, at that.

I’ve not had it since and haven’t looked back. I think they just look to pad their commission, who can blame them right now?

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I use the coating. I tried it a few years ago and wasn’t impressed, I had the same problem as Jeruba, it started to lift. I started again two years ago and now wouldn’t go back – it makes a noticeable difference – particularly when driving at night or out on the water. It is also very noticeable in photographs, the lenses don’t “shine” and your eyes are clearly seen. This is where I first noticed the difference in lenses – as a photographer. Some people seemed to not have glass in their lenses if strobe or flash is used.

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I had the same problem as Jeruba and it peeled off.
My new glasses have no coating.
Now I dont miss it at all.

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I had the coating for years on the lens before these. It never peeled off. (I’ve never heard of it doing that) I think it was ground right into the lens. It’d have a greenish cast to it when it hit the light just right. But this last pair, I have a different doctor & HE said they were a waste of money & not needed. I can’t tell a whit’s worth of difference. I’ll never get it again.

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No coating here, either. I have RX sunglasses for glare. It is money well-spent. Or just get a pair of clip-on shades for your regular glasses if you have to wear them.

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I love the anti-reflective coating. I drive a lot at night and it helps get rid of the “halos” around lights, especially when it rains. The roads out here aren’t built for rain and I feel safer. Plus, I watch a lot of TV at night and it help reduce the clare from that, as well.

That said, I recently switched from the “normal” coating to the “deluxe” kind (easier to clean, more effective) and am finding that it makes anything that has lights—like the digital clock, for instance—almost soft to look at because it works so hard to reduce the glare, and I am not sure I like that. It makes me feel like my eyes are unfocused even though they’re not, if that makes sense.

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I had the coating on my glasses once. I don’t have it now. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. Waste of money.

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I’ve got it on mine. But I work on computers allllllllll day long. And I’m online a lot after work for fun :P
But I’ve got a really terrible astigmatism and I think it helps a lot with that too, in some weird way.

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I have had it once and it scratched to easily and then started coming off, so I’m not a big fan of it.

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