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If you could have anybody, excluding family & friends to sing happy birthday to you, who's likely to get the gig?

Asked by ucme (46700points) April 18th, 2010

Norma Jean once famously sang happy birthday to JFK.I’m guessing the candles weren’t the only thing that she blew, but that’s another story.Who would you have to perform this personal treat if you had the chance?Maybe a singer or actor a comedian, someone famous you admire.

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Right now I would like to hear it sung by…


I think they could do it up right. Well, they could do it loudly, medieval, and violently. ~Nothing like Finnish Viking metal to say sappy and sentimental.~

I might also have it done by…

Taraf de Haiduks

… and turn it into a Rroma Gypsy party.

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Luciano Pavorotti—I believe he is unavailable—;)

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Donald Trump accompanied by a very large check.

Ok, all kidding aside,since it could not be family or friends, I’d say Josh Turner, because he and Aris can sound a lot alike (when Turner uses his upper register)

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I’d get Michael Bolton and make him sing Slayer.

Didn’t Pavoratti die last year?

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@Captain_Fantasy -Yes. It works out well ,since I am not too keen on celebrating any more birthdays.LOL

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@lucillelucillelucille Sadly he is no longer with us. I believe he was killed when he, & this is the funny part, somehow got his head trapped in his car door. “Nissan Doorma.” Poor man was suffocated.

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Johnny Cash.

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Jimmy Cliff, of course.

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Elvis, snoop dog, seven tyler, or Chazmaz.

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Warner claims that U.S. copyright to Happy Birthday will not expire until 2030, and that unauthorized public performances of the song are illegal unless royalties are paid to it. In one specific instance in February 2010, these royalties were said to amount to $700. I would probably ask Obama’s brother who lives in hut and says “I live here on less than a dollar a month” to sing it to me publicly thus incurring a $700 liability.

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Michael Bublé and Tony Bennet, please.

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Anthony Hamilton

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Edit: Oh, famous? Boba Fett.

Or Conan. GO COCO.

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Ben Folds

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I think Isaac Hayes would be ace!
@ubersiren Loved Ben Folds 5 :)

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