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I need help finding a photo editing program that has a spotlight feature. Please?

Asked by Val123 (12704points) April 18th, 2010

I had one at one time, but I don’t know where it went. I have a pic that I’d like to focus in on the face but blur the back ground….Any ideas?

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picasa 2 (would probably be okay) ,media impression.

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Photoshop or Gimp which is freeware

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@ezywho Thanks….I created an account on photoshop earlier, but I put my work email address down, so I have to wait till tomorrow to verify it….but it does have a spotlight feature?

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Yeh photoshop and gimp have it in the latest versions. Can’t vouch for the older versions. If you want to save time, then download gimp, it’s free and you can get to work right away.

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Photoshop. I know I would be able to do this with photoshop. It might not be a feature but it can be done.

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@Axemusica Um. Can be done but you just have to know the Ancient Chinese Secret, right? :)

Thanks you guys….

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@Val123 you just have to know your tools in PS. It’s not real easy to explain how this would be done either, but I guess that why they never have a thin book about photoshop then huh? ;P

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drop down menu filter > render> lighting effect = spotlight

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@Val123 You could try this, if you have PS, Open the picture in PS, select the area you don’t want blurred and copy via new layer, then select the previous layer and have some fun with the filter menu. There’s many a blurring effects. This sound easy enough? Or you could try something like this effect if you do know a bit about photoshop.

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Thanks so much guys….guess I just need to play….

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