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What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Asked by sakura (8267points) April 19th, 2010

When your time is finally up what do you want to be most remembered for? Imagine in 100 years time some spotty teenager is doing a history project about their family tree and they find your name, what will be written next to it? How are you going to, or have you made your mark on this world?
Children are obviously a good way of leaving your mark! But what actions words of wisdom etc… can you say you have imparted on the world?

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There is no much anyone can say about me really. I don’t know many people, haven’t done much. But people can’t say I never loved my boyfriend and never gave my all. I am a great girlfriend, I may not be the best looking thing in the world but I look after my man. I would like people to remember that, and to remember that I tried hard to be fake and happy for everyone else to see.

Great question.

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I would like my legacy to be that I was someone who did not settle for less and did what made me happy. That’s my legacy, I was happy.

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I would like to leave my mark on this world through the stories I tell in my screenplays. I’d like them to inspire people, give people hope and leave an impression on the audience.
Every once in a while, you stumble upon a film that is hard to forget because of it’s compelling story and powerful message, (like Requiem for a Dream.) I want to write one of those films.

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My legacy would be… I stayed out of peoples way and let them live their lives..Live and let live. I lived mine the way I wanted. I never commeted a crime or used any drugs or Alcohol.

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Would you define your personality with a single word? Then why attempt to describe your legacy with any amount of words?

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I’m taking my legacy with me.

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I’d be happy if people looked at the record of my life & said, ‘he was a decent person’.
I mean…. that & ‘he created a wonderful Death-Star!”

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This very question has left me in deep thought since my first daughter was born. There are other legacies that don’t involve children, of course. What I most want to do is make people’s lives better than they would have been, had I not born. Mother Teresa is my role model. Stop laughing! Heheheh…..

Seriously, I want to be just like her, but doing different things than she did. I want to go to the Congo and fight the Ebola virus. I want to bring two warring factions of a society together and help them make some damn sense of how everything got so fucked up. Hell, there are days when I can’t even bring my own two sides together. I guess the internal work is still a work in progress.

I want my girls to always be deeply in touch with their humanity. I want it to be second nature for them to consider other people’s feelings as well as thier own. I want them to understand that who they are will have an effect on everyone around them, far beyond what their eyes can see, so they have to work for those people, too. I have done my level best to instill in them a sense of loving themselves and self-forgiveness, even when no one else can forgive them. Humans are such fragile creatures.

I want to bring justice to those who waited for a lifetime, yet justice never came for them. I want to leave people understanding that doing something the right way, without shortcuts, eliminates almost all the pain they feel. If I can do some of those things, even without a podium, or recognition, then I will have fulfilled my destiny. I will die with no regrets, nor wistful looks back, at what might have been.

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@phillis Your girls are lucky to have you as their mum.

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—@Dibley Thank you :)

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Lol… I loved that Deathstar! :-/

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@Scooby Indeed….. many brave, brave souls were lost thanks to those rebel scum!

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Shame that! ;-)

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I like to think people will remember me for being a fighter, for fighting against everything wrong in my world, hypocrisy & the bulls hitters who implement it, for fighting against discrimination when ever it rears it’s ugly head in whatever shape or form, for not backing down when the fight gets messy, for being a hard working go getter full of enthusiasm who achieves his goals by blood sweat & toil & by hook or by crook, I like to think I’ll leave some positive feedback as a good man but there will be those who are less gracious at my passing! Still “THAT’S LIFE” :-/
Also my Beef casserole :-)

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@Scooby I know….. no-one considers the fate of the hired goon.

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I hope I passed down the legacy that was passed down to me by my father.
Love and appreciate the little gifts life brings, take time to stop and enjoy the worlds wonders, try to hold on to your child like heart and always remember to laugh.
These were the things I will always remember about him and I raised my children on stories about him. He was always my life hero. I hope and pray that I was able to successfully pass those things on to them and someday they will pass it on. I don’t need to be remembered. I would just like it if years from now my great grand children can still laugh like my dad and continue the heart of gold he had.

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A legacy of kickass.

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I am not going to save the world or discover a miracle cure for some disease, so if I can check out and have a few people say I made them smile, made them feel loved then I will be OK with that.

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My artwork.I can’t tell you the other stuff :)

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I’d like to leave about a dozen productive great grand children.

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he was a good man!

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My legacy? I hope it will be that you can lead a good, honest life, without cheating and lying to get ahead, and still end up on top. I beleive I am on track for accomplishing this.

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If I’m popular and famous all around the world then I’ll leave many many legacies(uncountable) so people will know who I am and my popularity will keep blooming even after I’m dead. Since I’m just another common citizen then I’ll leave nothing. Many ordinary people die all around the world each day and they’re just forgotten that way since they’re not part of our family.

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@Scooby Oooh could you leave me your beef casserole recipe please LOLL

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Look out for the little ones.

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I’m just hoping I leave this world a little better than it was.

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So true….The little men are always overlooked :-/
plenty of minions out there though to carry on the cause ;-)

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@Scooby Thanks for the recipe – it sounds lovely

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you’re welcome :-)

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thanks for all the answers guys :)

@scooby are you going to share your recipie with us all??

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Nope! ;-) it’s a secret, but if you ask nicely I could send you a copy…...

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aww thanks honey ;o) that would be soo nicew if you could, I’m on my knees typing so purllleeessssee!! My knees are hurting!!!

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@sakura Well I’ve got the recipe and it’s really, really, really lovely!!!

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—@partyparty that’s soo unfair!!!—-

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A great idea, something no one else has thought of.

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