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How to get these reporters attention so I can be interviewed?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) April 19th, 2010

It was happening yesterday when some chaotic demonstration happen in my college,there were many people on the street and inside this college participating in this demonstration. They’re against the new rule in this college. Not long after that,a group of reporter with their own cameramen(from different channels) come and about to investigate this situation. I and my friends are in the same room with these people while they’re investigating the situation. They even passed through me a many times without ask me(the witness) about this situation.

So,maybe I really want to ended up in their shot(since most of them will take the same picture) and gain a little bit of popularity(This happened to be top news the next day). What I ask here is that how can I get their attention and have my chance to be interviewed? What should I do? What’s their criteria?

Well,it really disappoint me when they ask other people(the same eye witnesses) about this. I know it’s already happened,but I want to anticipate if the next situation happen again.

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Try a fake faint or dump a drink on them.

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Reporters are not interested in the truth, or even the story…... just, how they can make the story seem even more….. if you are able to blow the situation out of all proportion, then you’ll get your interview.

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Pretend to cry(I mean loudly!) till one of them ask you why,then you can explain bla,bal,bla…. Voila! You’ve got your interview.

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@Trillian I see…. You don’t like trick,don’t you? That’s okay.

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Become really, really good looking and photogenic.

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@Val123 Ha ha! I’m good looking(and quite photogenic) but they still won’t ask me.

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@Trillian GA. Beat me to it XD

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@Doctor_D (Helps if you’re a girl and you can stick your boobs out at ‘em!)

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@bob_ and @Trillian If you don’t like this question or if you think this question do not meet your standard then you can MOVE ALONG! No one will get hurt in the process.

@Val123 What does it mean? For your information,I’m really serious when I ask this question.

I know I should have put this memo in my question.

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Let them know, you have the truth to the story. Information no one else knows.

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@Doctor_D K. I’m sorry! Did you try approaching them? I can’t quite envision the situation.

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May I recommend that you not try to achieve your stated aim, but instead take the time after the fact to write clearly, very descriptively and at length about what you saw or experienced. Consider sending that account to a print reporter or blogger, and you could gain a reputation of being clear-thinking and -seeing, truthful and comprehensive in a way that “sound bite” interviewees (whose interviews are usually edited to just a few seconds of air time) can never achieve.

The people whose faces and accounts appear on television to be talking about events happening around them generally seem to be ill-informed, stupid, in shock or otherwise overly emotional—or have an agenda to push that may or may not correspond to what happened—and viewers can’t tell. I don’t think you should want to look like either of them.

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Posted to the wrong question.

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@Val123 I’ve approached them but they’re just ignore me.

@CyanoticWasp I understand that. Actually I didn’t get my interview but some of the cameramen took my picture when they were filming the situation. It’s quite disappointed that they edit my picture(especially after I told my entire family and relatives about my appearance in TV news. What a humiliation). Do you think they really want to accept my paper if I send that to them? I think they’re independent.

@Buttonstc What have you posted anyway?

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@ChazMaz and @CyanoticWasp hit it on the head. Just give em the best info

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@Doctor_D I did that once. I found myself in the middle of a riot at Herman Hill park in Wichita in 1979. I wrote about it and took it to the K-State newsletter (I was a student there) and it made a huge splash. For one thing, they actually allowed the “F” word in print for the first time. Also, the Wichita Eagle re-quoted a small portion of it. I was famous fer a while!

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