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Would it be impossible for one to earn popularity in other Q&A sites?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) July 7th, 2010

If you’re also participate in other Q&A sites there would be a list of top contributor in each section. The problem is that the list won’t change from time to time no matter how hard other user try to contribute since the member of the list keep raising their score.

So,is it impossible to earn your place in the list in such situation? Does anyone here have any idea how could I earn my place in the list? I’m not a hypocrite person and I want my popularity.

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Are you asking what you could do to raise your score on Fluther, or are you asking how you could raise your score on other sites? With regards to other sites each one is different. You have to evaluate one and decide if people have high scores because they’re popular, or are they popular because they give good answers?

I don’t frequent other sites, but I would imagine that the two factors are the frequency with which you post (volume) and how closely the answers you provide align with the perspective of the other sites’ participants (quality) would affect the ranking.

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The standings in the other Q & A sites I participate in is mainly based on the amount of time you spend participating. The more answers you give, the more likely your standing will increase, and if the site rewards questions as well, the combination of more questions and more answers would work.

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@PandoraBoxx I clearly ask how could I earn my place in other sites. Most of the site I participate in require ‘score’ as the factor to decide your virtual rank.

@YARNLADY Yes,that is so true but how could one earns a place in the list of top contributor no matter how hard one has tried to contribute(answers,time,etc) since the member of the list keep raising theirs. Would it be impossible for others to replace their place?

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Depends on the algorithm used. The one I use on my (our) fake Q&A site is based on participation. You can vote but they don’t count. I’m lazy.

The only way to climb the ranks is to kill who is above you.

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@johnpowell Ha ha…and how could you kill “the one that is above you”?

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@Doctor_D In a case like that, you would simply have to devote a lot more time and effort to it. In my case, I reached 20K level here on Fluther simply by answering questions all day and half of the night for the past year. I was a top category contributor on another site, but when I became interested in Fluther, the second place person moved up – until she found out about Fluther and moved over here also.

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@YARNLADY What a tough competition. Thank you for you reply.

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@Doctor_D “how could one earns a place in the list of top contributor no matter how hard one has tried to contribute(answers,time,etc) since the member of the list keep raising theirs. Would it be impossible for others to replace their place?”

I would think it would be impossible if the contributors on the list are continuing to be active. But if they quit posting then you might be able to sneak in. I think you would have best luck with a very small, very obscure category where the top posters have low scores.

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@Doctor_D :: You would literally need to kill them or run the site and have access to the database.

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You are right. It is next to impossible to “catch up”.
There are two ways i can see:
1) Start your own site. And then work at it harder than anyone else.
2) Hire online farmers in India or China who will answer questions for you 24 hours per day for a price. That is very risky. You have to be sure they answer correctly or politely. If one person is rude, you are finished.

Relax and remember, lurve is only a game. There is a whole real world out there.

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In my view earning popularity should not be the reason to participate in Q&A sites. I think respect is far more important.

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@johnpowell LOL,but that is illegal!

@worriedguy Ha ha…That’s hilarious,no one ever try such extreme idea. Of course I realize that score/lurve is just score and has nothing to do with reality but it has its own value in that particular site. Maybe you and some people don’t want your popularity but there are other people that really want to earn their popularity.

@mattbrowne Popularity could be the second reasons beside the sense to help others for one to participate in Q&A sites. Respect could come from popularity. In fact,the more people respect you the more popular you are.


I also saw some people forming scoring alliances(which I always try to avoid since most of it will require intimation). Maybe I should look for another alternatives beside my own effort.

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@Doctor_D Just ask your questions and answer other people’s questions and don’t worry about this trivial thing: popularity. Substance of thought and comment is far more valuable than popularity.

All the best to you, Sir.

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@Doctor_D – Well, to be honest, when I joined and Fluther the issue of popularity didn’t really cross my mind. I just got involved and applied the same principles as I do in real life. What crossed my mind was the opportunity to learn new things, meet interesting people and develop friendships.

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I was on another site that had “Category Experts” before they changed the format. The status was based on participation and score in that category. Interestingly, many of these “experts” are now members of Fluther.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land That is because that site prefers to use their experts the ones on their payroll than listen to anything that normal users have to say. Hell, if they listened to their users then you and I probably wouldn’t be here!

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Y’know, I kind of miss being the Expert of Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Infants, Star Trek, and Bill Clinton.

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@zenele Certainly not me. I want to know all of your opinion here and I lurve everyone here.
Maybe the mod did this since some of you might have violated the ‘General’ rule.

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Wow, some of these answers amaze me. I had no idea anyone took “scores” on fluther so seriously. To me anything that makes it seem competitive takes away from the character of the site.

On a site where competition is important, I would guess that sooner or later the top-scoring list will change just because people lose interest and move on eventually. If you are really determined, in time you could find your place. But would it be worth the effort?

My son participates in a photography challenge site. The top scorers there will never be unseated because their champion scores date from the site’s early days, when it was possible to rate higher percentages than anyone ever can again with a base thousands of times larger. If that’s the goal you set, you’re sure to be disappointed. Better to choose a reachable target.

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l. Get in on the ground floor. Start your own Q & A, or find one that is just now beginning and go for it. I was one of the first users on one Q & A site a few years ago, and I was one of the top scorers for over a year.
2. Find a way to cheat. Many people get ahead that way.

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So “popularity” is a number? You can cheat your way to popularity?

Never mind, I don’t think I’ll stick around for the answer.

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@Jeruba Not for me, but apparently for some. I never understood the popularity of solitare, either, but I love Yahtzee online. Go figure.

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@YARNLADY What would behoove you to answer like that? I had no idea that’s the way things are…so disappointing. It certainly gives me new perspective on life in the fluther lane.

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@MissA I gave a valid answer to the question, it has zero application to me personally. On the Q & A site I first participated in, the cheaters completely took over the “leaderboard”, which drove the “real answerers” away.

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Hmm…I was just doing this for fun….and because I like sharing ideas.

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@yarnlady, what does a cheater ‘look like’? How do they operate…what is the point or purpose, other than to have some faux power trip?

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@MissA I don’t know that I have met one personally, so I can’t tell you what they look like. Probably just like you and me. I never could understand why someone would create multiple profiles strictly for the purpose of bestowing ‘points’ on their ‘primary’ profile, or why they would create multiple profiles for the express purpose of issuing violation reports against other users in order to advance their ‘primary’ profile. It is entirely beyond my ken.

Some participants in other Q & A sites submit null answers, such IDK, just to accumulate points. Why? IDK.

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@YARNLADY I didn’t mean “physically look like”. I was asking, as you answered, what a cheater does in order to cheat. You answered. It is disturbing.

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@MissA look like my feeble attempt at humor

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@YARNLADY It’s probably me. Late niight. Good night.

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Please excuse my ignorance. I’ve read through the whole thread and still do not understand what anyone means by “popularity”. Is it in reference to the points earned on some sites? Being ranked in a “Top 10” type scenario?

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@Pied_Pfeffer I have answered on an assumption that it means the top scorer in a category, or a list of top performers.

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To be brutally blunt: Popularity for popularity’s own sake is for prostitutes, and not for serious-minded individuals. It has no basis in commonsense.

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@YARNLADY Thank you for your reply. Your idea really worth the consideration. I doesn’t mean I want to do that or I suggest others to do that but as I said It really worth for consideration.

I want to share you something(no special reason,just sharing). I have joined some national sites and what surprised me is that the opportunity there is so abundant,many people like to ask question that they could easily Google it themselves(I don’t know why,maybe they’re lazy,looking for attention,or simply acknowledged) and this give the opportunity to make use of the situation. At least I did that legally rather than be the part of scoring alliances.

@Jeruba Thank you for your consideration but I just can’t hold back anymore. I got to far in this business and if I quit now all my efforts would be fruitless and my reputation would be taken by many other competitors.

@MissA Well please don’t judge people by the way they operate in each sites. Some people could operate differently in each QandA sites. For me,the first time I got here I really want my popularity here,but after at a month I realized that it’s not possible to do such thing here,so I quit trying and I replace this reason.

@Andreas Well that is your personal opinion and I respect that(everyone have their own reason and opinion). For me popularity could be a way to let many people know you,makes you feel special and valued in that particular site,and of course me you feel proud of your reputation(well that is my opinion I don’t expect you to understand).
As I said we have many personal reason in each site and popularity is my second reason after the sense to help others,and so on.

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@Doctor_D If I understand you correctly, a large part of the reason you want to be popular is so that you may be someone to look up to, a role model. Am I correct? If so, then I say, “Fantastic!” That’s a very reasonable and good thing you want to achieve. Continue, please, with this way of thinking. After all, anyone in business MUST seek this type of “popularity” to gain clients and customers to stay in business. All of us must eat.

What I was really referring to was people who have this desire JUST to be popular without wanting to be USEFUL. THAT is how my comment above was meant to be understood.

In our modern society it appears to me that the outside of a person is considered far more important than the qualities of a person, and I for one strenuously object to that line of reasoning. To me that is foolishness in the extreme, and I do not suffer fools at all.

I think @Doctor_D we were discussing you question from two different viewpoints, and I apologise for causing you offense. That is, and never will be, my intention.

The best to you, Sir!

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