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Do you miss the Smiley Face at WalMart?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) April 20th, 2010

For years we were accustomed to seeing that big yellow Smiley Face associated with tumbling prices at WalMart. the Smiley Face is no more. Question: do you miss the Smiley Face? would you like to see its return or was it time for Smiley Face to go?

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No. I don’t miss the smiley face.

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Where did it go?

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Will not ready….. Because everywhere at Walmart yoy walked at there was a smiley face… But in away when I had a problem and saw a smiley face I think about to cheer up… But anyways that was a little of the topic.. I dont want it to come back

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yes i do miss the smiley… so lost without it….

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@Luna why are you lost without it?

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

I hadn’t even noticed it was gone.

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Walmart sucks.

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tell you the truth I don’t like walmart anymore

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I wish Wallmart would go the same place its smiley face did.

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I think with the totality of human suffering that corporation has caused, someone in corporate HQ finally decided the smily face was simply too ironic…

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Truthfully, I hadn’t noticed one way or the other. I like @gorillapaws reasoning.

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whats a smiley? and who is wal-mart?

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You mean the one that whistled “Happy Days are here again” (a song used in traditionaly in GOP propaganda) which ironically gave a cheerful disposition to a corporation that put many a home-grown or “mom & pop” shop out of business while censoring the music it sold and denying it’s employees health benefits and paying sub-standard wages?

No. Can’t say that I do.

Jibbah_Jabbah's avatar

I go to Wal*Mart about once a month. I wasn’t even aware of the change.

Captain_Fantasy's avatar

I’d have to shop at Wal Mart to notice and even if I did, I wouldn’t even be able to pretend to care.

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I love :) :) and I think they were friendly. now I am :(

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No. I avoid Walmart like the plague, so I never even noticed it missing.

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I’m obviously not very observant. I never noticed it was gone. I have a DIL that works there & hadn’t noticed either. If I have to go there, I try to gety stuff & get out quick.

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