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What should i get for my birthday?

Asked by joeysefika (3093points) March 11th, 2008

i have no idea what to get fro my birthday. I’m turning 16.
something gadgety or to do with technology. probably should keep it under $500 AU

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its my birthday to

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get a blue-ray

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I don’t know. But you sound like you are well off. Maybe give ten dollars to the next homeless person you see so they can buy a nice dinner.

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If I could give johnpowell two ‘Great Answer!’ I would… haha.

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no he’s wrong I work with the homless you should never give them money take them to get something to eat but if you give them money you are inableing them most will go get a bottle or drugs

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Ahh crap.. you again. Look, I try to help people. It might not work every time. But I try. And your fuax Cristian bullshit is noted. I care about the deed and not the reward. I don’t believe in God

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I’m not try to tell you to come beleive what I beleive and I think anyone willing to help the homless are great people I’m just saying most have drinking and drug problems and sometimes they would love to have someone sit down and have a meal with them it means more to them that they know you will take that time to show you care than just throw money at them and go

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don’t let your right hand see what your left hand is doing.

@oneeye, if you take photos check this out:

it would help if you would give more details, like what kind of “gadgety” things you like. photog, gaming, music, etc.

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@ishotthesheriff I was just saying cam should be wireless thanks

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well if its something techy an iPhone or itouch is guaranteed to be loved by the reciever and either can be got for 400 or less. Another good choice would be an xbox 360 with a one year subscription to xbox live. Either way you can’t go wrong and I’m sure your brother will love it

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get an iPhone if you don’t already have one… Or a trampoline

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Get an iPhone!!!

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Get a digital camera, a guitar, or some hobby that you can start cultivating. Now’s the perfect time to start learning something you can carry with you through life…

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Get a sweet gaming mouse and Crysis.

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