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If I posted my german notes, would someone be willing to "peer edit" it?

Asked by jdogg (871points) April 20th, 2010

I have a note-like essay for my german class to go along with my project I am doing. Would someone on fluther like to help me “peer edit” it? If anyone would, it would be a huge help. I’m currently still working on it, but if someone is willing to, I’ll post as soon as possible.

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you might try pm’ing @ragingloli, I’m pretty sure he speaks german. So do a few other members here but I can’t think of who.

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ok, thank you so much, i PM’d him, hopefully he can get back to me by tonight. let me know if you can think of anyone

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Explain what you mean by ‘peer editing’, please.

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like just pointing out some things that I didn’t do right, like put wrong adjective endings or weird word placement, there very short, simple sentences, maybe a paragragh or two

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Oh, sure. No problem.

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Thats great! It might me about 15–20 minutes before I am finished, will you be available still?

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I do not have a german esset key on my keyboard so please ignore the “ss” instead of the esset, and the same goes for the umlauts. Thanks again, this helps so much!

Das ist mein Traumhaus. Die Garage ist grosser als meiner Nachbar. Mein Esszimmer ist weiss und grau. Das Familienzimmer ist ruhiger als die Garage. Die couch ist gemutlich und der Stuhl ist schick. In mein Traumhaus, der Kuche ist sauber und der Kuhlschrank ist kalt. Der Tisch ist immer Polier. Das Wohnzimmer ist Hell-Blau und hat ein Klavier. Mein grosses Schlafzimmer ist blau und hat ein grosses bett.

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Das ist mein Traumhaus. Die Garage ist größer als meiner Nachbar die meines Nachbarn. (or “meiner Nachbarn”, ‘meines’ in case of one neighbour, ‘meiner’ in case of more than one neighbour)

Mein Esszimmer ist weiss und grau.
(you might want to clarify here that the walls are painted, for example: “Die Wände meines Esszimmers sind weiß und grau gestrichen.”)

Das Familienzimmer ist rugiger ruhiger als die Garage. Die Couch ist gemütlich und der Stuhl ist schick.
(just one chair? consider using multiple chairs, in that case ”.. und die Stühle sind schick.)

In mein meinem Traumhaus , der Kuche ist sauber und der Kuhlschrank ist kalt ist die Küche sauber und der Kühlschrank kalt.
( Küche is female, therefore ‘die’. I did not put an ‘ist’ after Kühlschrank because it is not stylistically sound)

Der Tisch ist immer Polier poliert. Das Wohnzimmer ist Hell-Blau hellblau und hat ein Klavier.
(‘Hellblau’ is used as an adjective here, thus no capital letters, consider specifying the walls here as well. Also consider fusing the two sentences into one, like “Das Wohnzimmer ist hellblau gestrichen und hat ein Klavier sowie—(‘sowie’ is a conjuction equal to ‘und’, used here because it looks better than two ‘und’) einen immer polierten Tisch.” )—

Mein großes Schlafzimmer ist blau und hat ein großes Bett.

small tip: short sounding ‘s’ sounds: ‘ss’, like ‘Fass’, ‘nass’, ‘Messgerät’, etc, long sounding ‘s’ sounds: ’ß’, as in ‘Fuß’, ‘Gruß’ or ‘Maß’
one last thing. consider putting more detail into the sentences to make them longer. as it is right now it seems kind of chopped.

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Nice editing, @ragingloli. I’d just be a little bit concerned if this student were using constructions and vocabulary that go too far beyond what the teacher has taught in class. Students are not expected to sound like native speakers. @jdogg could lose credit if it’s not his or her own work.

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We have not learned the “sowei” and the verb for “to paint” so I kept those out, but so far everything I understood what I did wrong, the adjective endings are fairly new to me and I tend to struggle with remembering some of the vocab words from the beginning of the year, but this about where we are in class. Also, @ragingloli, did you find learning english (assuming that wasn’t your original language difficult?) or if not how about learning german?

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Learning English was not particularly difficult. I think english far easier to learn than german.
Also, there is nothing wrong with looking up new words and phrases outside of class. I am sure your teacher would appreciate it.

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Yah, the only thing I particularly don’t care for is the male, female, neuter definate articles. I have to get back to my project but thanks again, nice chatting with you! Tschau!

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(psst.definite. What is it with this word, anyway?—)

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Thanks, I been forgetting to spell check my posts lately…

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Great job by @ragingloli – only a minor comment from my side: I would not mix usage of ß with ss, so either write größer and weiß or grösser and weiss.

and rule for ß being used after diphthongs. Keep in mind sometimes it must be ss like the word muss. When ß is required ss can be used as a replacement (this rules dates back to the time of English typewriters), like ae as a replacement for ä.

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i got a 97 on my project ( consisted of a dvd of my “dream home”, a short description, and a speech”! Danke!

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