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do you have a kitten if so what kind

Asked by oneye36 (305points) March 11th, 2008 from iPhone
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I have a fully grown black cat. She is spayed and has better health care than I do. She is cute as a button and I love her.

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I dont have a cat at this time but if we all just had a sweet fluffy cat the world would be a better place

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I have an 8 1/2 month old tabby/something mix. Her mum was black and very sleek looking and her dad must have been a tabby from what she looks like. She was a rescue, her mum had had 3 litters and she was only 2… the owners didn’t know what to do with her, so they gave her to a rescue shelter.
How many brain-cells do you think it takes to work out the cat needs to be spayed?!

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We have 3 cats, all males. Two are “tuxedos” and the other is all white with a black tail. they are 6,8 and 15 years od.

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I have a grey tabby. She will be 20 on July. Not exactly a kitten! In fact I think she is 96 in human years, but she is pretty spry for an ol gal.

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WOW! 20 is pretty old for a cat!!

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I saw my kitten on craigslist – she was 5weeks old and found in a burn pile. So I called the person and went to get her… When I took her to the vet and asked what kind of cat she was (hoping for a breed breakdown of possible mixes), I was told that she was a “plain ol’ kitty”.

Plain ol’ kitty.

wtf how many classes did you FAIL in vet school? I couldn’t help thinking.

So yeah… She’s grey and white with a stripe down her spine. No, she’s not a skunk.

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What personalities do your cats have? Mine is playful and needy…

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We have a solid black cat of twelve years. She was seen being thrown from a car as a kitten. It hurt her leg but she has been a regular kitty after recovery. She likes to lay on your legs for TV in the evening. Plenty of spunk to argue with the neighbor’s cat during the day. Very teritorial, doesn’t go next door and can’t understand why the next door cat comes over!

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I have two black cats, a male, one and a half year and a female, sixteen years. The two of them always fighting for THE place, a small cat red tent (got it free), with a cushion inside…

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We have 4 cats; all female “Domestic Short-Hair” (a.k.a. ’”plain ol’ kitties”):
Squeaker is at least 18, and her kidneys are starting to fail her; she’s a tortoise-shell.
Emma & Ellie are 10-year-old littermates whose personalities are polar opposites: Ellie is white with solid grey and she’s skittish and stays indoors, while Emma is a tuxedo, is very active and prefers to be outside.
Rudy (a.k.a. Rudini, Runatic, & The Orange Menace) is a 3-year-old Orange Tabby and the alpha female who terrorizes the others.

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We had a Kitten once, but it got swept away in a Tornado.
Reminded me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

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Poor kitty! :(

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