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Why are there different lotions and scrubs for different parts of the body?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) April 21st, 2010

I understand the difference between thick skin and thin skin. There’s facial scrubs, body scrubs, foot scrubs, hand lotion, body lotion, etc. I’m just curious why I can’t use my hand lotion on my face. Is there a different viscosity, chemical type, skin thinkness?

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The more products you put out, the more you can sell. I’m sure there may be other reasons for it, but I believe that’s the fundamental one.

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I tried using a light facial gel mask, the kind you let dry, on my feet and I couldn’t tell the difference.

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Yeah, your feet are going to be more rough than your face so the scrubs will probably be more abrasive. The scrubs for your face more sensitive. The scrubs for your hands to make your hands feel soft, etc. The skin all over your body suffers different types of wear and tear. I wouldn’t think you’d want to use something you’d put on your feet around your face.

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@meagan I know, :), it was for my face. But I think what happened was I was bored, and I wanted to see if my face gel stuff could get the dead skin off of my feet. But, thank you for the information. It’s very much appreciated.

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The emollients in moisturizers for the face are usually non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores and lead to blemishes. For other body parts the main difference is maximizing absorption by using ingredients which will penetrate that type of skin best, and sometimes stay on (hand lotions for an example).

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the best way to moisturize is from within – drink plenty of water!

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Because people will buy them

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I use Lava soap on my hands. But wouldn’t think of using it on my naughty bits. Ouch!
I use Baby shampoo and even lather my face with it while shaving in the shower.
Those are the two cleaning products I ever need.
(I also use the VS peppermint soap on date days because she likes it.)

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Why are there different lotions and scrubs for different parts of the body?

Because there are women. The average guy wouldn’t buy this sort of nonsense on a bet – for him a bar of soap and maybe loofah will do. Women on the other hand live for it – many of them seem to feel that femininity and attractiveness comes in a packet with a price tag.

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Yeah, I agree w/ @janbb… products for the face may take skin sensitivity into account, also whether it could irritate the eyes. Other then that- pffft :-p

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Marketing, plain and simple.

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Shelf space, marketing and advertising. And consumers who will fall for all of that.

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Shampoo works for everything.

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Soap works for shampoo, too.

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faces are tricky…...

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Body scrubs and face scrubs. Body lotions and face lotions

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