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I Need some advice on planning a trip with contiki...

Asked by Rv654321 (228points) April 21st, 2010

Alright a friend and I are planning on taking a trip to Europe next summer. Weve been looking at tours through It seems like they have some pretty cool trips..although i havent found one that covers all the places we want to go..There are some that cover most except for one or 2 cities and the others that do include that city but dont include another. just wondering if anyone has been on a contiki tour or knows any better tours to go on…? Or any other suggestions?

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I have no experience with Contiki. I have been to Europe several times and suggest getting a rail pass or renting a car and doing exactly what you want to do. You will probably find less expensive lodging than the tour as well as have the opportunity to mix with the locals and have a real experience with the different cultures. Have fun.

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Hi! I work for Contiki and came across your post. I recommend you check out our Facebook page ( or our trip forums ( – we have thousands of people there who have traveled Contiki or are planning on going. Those are both great places to find answers to all your questions or meet people going through the same thing. Hope that helps!

Caroline :)

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Do your own trip.
You get to do and see whatever you want, whenever you want.
You will experience the thrill a reward of personal discovery.
Your trip won’t be lame as fuck.

You could just follow the pink umbrella….

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