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Any suggestions for cheap places to stay in Berlin?

Asked by jacksonRice (407points) June 24th, 2008

I’m going to Berlin this summer & am clueless about where to stay. I’m a high school student on a budget. Ideas? Thanks.

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unfortunately i haven’t ever been able to visit Berlin. BUT you could always check this site for cheap hostel rates for students. the same site also offers cheap student plane tickets. you might want to see this question that i asked not too long ago for further tips on living in an unknown place on a budget. good luck and bon voyage!

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Hostels are definitely the thing to check out. We stayed in Paris for a month very cheaply thanks to them and it was fantastic. Some are also very modern, much more than you would think, so you’ll have a surprisingly comfortable stay. Just invest some cash in a good sleeping bag and pillow, and you’ll be fine.

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you would recommend bringing a pillow along? thanks

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If you’re staying in a hostel, yeah. The pillows always sucked. Also, you might need more than one depending on how long you’re staying – there are often time restrictions on how long you can stay at the same one. Still super-cheap though.

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We stayed in the Generator Hostel in Berlin. It’s basic, but is well located and is clean. It’s ideal if you’re young, on a budget and like a few biers in the evening ;)

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I have been in Berlin and if you gone move near by main train station than there is one hostel.I mean the new train station witch is build from glass.So the hostel is about 800 m maybe less than that from that station.The way goes on the left direction by wide road after three hundered meaters you turn right among panel houses and you are nearly there.You should not miss that becouse in there are some markes.That hostel is quilet near from train station.I want to tell you this becouse that area is close to the Pergamon museum what is good to visite and in there is colection of great persia,egypt and greak sculptures.This museum is huge and containes part of babylon wall or much more.

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I would suggest you to opt for hostels as they are the best options for you to stay. Moreover, it would be within budget.

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