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What is your favorite travel mug?

Asked by justn (1382points) April 21st, 2010

I’m sure most of my fellow flutherers like to drink their hot coffee or tea on the go and would therefore have a favorite travel mug for their beverage of choice. Care to share what you are sipping out of while on the go?

I’ve been looking for a nice travel mug for some time and would love to get some ideas

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I got it from a friend of the family. It’s the kind that is shaped such that it fits into the cup holder of the car. It keeps the coffee warm, and the opening on top where you sip from is just right, if you know what I mean.

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Unfortunately, all my travel mugs end up faulty. I need a decent one as well.
For now I make do with my ceramic mugs with cats and procreating bunnies on them. Yes, it’s a bit odd.

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I like the ones that have a small hole on the top for a straw, so not too much coffee spills out when I accidentally spill them. I also like very cheap ones, so I don’t feel too bad when I have to replace them because of being left on top of the car, or at the hotel.

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My favorite travel mug is a stainless steel one with a black rubber top that I got free when I ordered Gevalia coffee. Unfortunately, it’s in storage along with ¾ of my other things since I moved to a tiny place.

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I prefer the Trudeau ones. Sure, they don’t fit in a standard cupholder (they are wider than a soda can) but they are insulated aluminum and when you give the little knob in the top a ¼-turn, they will not leak. If you ever saw the way the top is designed, you would know why. And they keep a 14-oz. load of coffe warm or soda cold for quite a while.

I used to have a nice, straight-sided black cylinder one, but I lost it somewhere and have yet to find another exactly like it. My current one is a wavy-sided brushed aluminum jobber with a rubber pad that goes most of the way around the middle; slightly artsy-looking.

Personally, I think it’s great that I can throw the thing in my backpack with a bunch of books and not have to worry about getting a single drop of moisture on the paper, even if the cup is full of Pepsi. Most travel mugs can’t handle that sort of pressure without leaking, but my Trudeau can. The only issue I have with it is that, if I have soda in there, it won’t always open; the air pressure will keep the rubber seal closed unless/until you unscrew the top enough to release the air pressure holding the lid shut.

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My favorite is stainless with no handle. The top has a button to push when drinking. It keeps coffee hot for hours. It beats the plastic ones hands down.

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The only travel mug that I have is the one that looks back at me from the mirror. I drink a lot of coffee and I simply get it “to go”. I don’t need a thermos, it doesn’t take me so long to drink my coffee that it has a chance to go cold.

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The way I drive only sippy cups work for me. Hot coffee black!

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I’ve had too many poor travel mugs and laps of hot coffee, so I drink at home now :(
I’d love to find a nice dependable travel mug, but its impossible.

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@squidcake I have the procreating bunny mug as well (blue) and go through travel mugs like hotcakes. I typically end up with lids not matching the right mugs (maybe I shouldn’t store them with the Tupperware as it seems to be endemic).

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I use a regular coffee mug for I am the ultimate risk-taker. ;)

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Where do you get one of those?

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I like the plain stainless ones. No logos, I don’t want to pay money for something and them be exploited as free advertising.

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Carnival made a trademark-funnel-shaped cup for a particular alcoholic beverage served onboard. My sister wanted one desperately, so we got one.

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@Seek_Kolinahr My first one I picked up in a mall, the second one at Fred Meyer’s

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