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What is the exact meaning of the word "freak"?

Asked by lessonenglish (278points) April 22nd, 2010

I am confused when people playing some game or do some mistake they say the word freak again & again.

So what is the exact meaning of freak?

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freak is to become or make frightened, nervous, or wildly excited
a sudden and apparently causeless change or turn of events, the mind etc.

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In the case you’re describing, when people are saying ‘freak’ because they’re frustrated, it’s being used as a less offensive form of the word ‘fuck’, which is considered profane.

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Freak has to do with extremely rare or unusual occurrences. It is misused in all manner of ways.

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OED etymology
freak Look up freak at
1560s, “sudden turn of mind,” perhaps related to O.E. frician “to dance” (not recorded in M.E., but the word may have survived in dialect), or perhaps from M.E. frek “bold, quickly,” from O.E. frec “greedy, gluttonous.” Sense of “capricious notion” (1560s) and “unusual thing, fancy” (1784) preceded that of “strange or abnormal individual” (first in freak of nature, 1847). The sense in health freak, ecology freak, etc. is attested from 1908. The verb meaning “change, distort” goes back to 1911.

freak out (n.) Look up freak out at
also freakout “bad psychedelic drug trip or something comparable to one,” 1966 (despite an amusing coincidental appearance of the phrase dug up by the OED for 1749), from verbal phrase freak out, attested from 1965 in the drug sense; see freak. Freak (n.) “drug user” is attested from 1945.

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I had a ‘freak’ accident on Tuesday! :-/ broke my dam finger….
( No my finger was not stuck in a Dam! )

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T add to @DarkScribe‘s definiton, a freak is a rare or unusual, sometimes intentionally weird person. Take this test to see if you are one…

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Freak has recently attained the slang meaning that @absalom describes. They might also be saying “that is so freak” which would mean undesirable or weird or unexpected. Here are a gazillion definitions in the Urban Dictionary.

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@Cruiser You know, there is a distinct difference between someone who is different just to be different and someone who is different because of their actual beliefs or how they see things. This test doesn’t address that. In fact, it seems to equate un-freakiness with how willing you are to conform to what everyone else is doing or thinking.

If Louis Pasteur took this test, he’d have come out as a “freak” because he definitely pushed the envelope of conventional thought. Thank God for ol’ Louis! He sure put up with a lot of hostility because of his ideas too. (But hostility sort of comes with “freak territory”).

I guess you can tell from my answer that I did score high on the freak scale. But it really does not describe me, anymore than any other “unconventional thinker” would be a freak.

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@snowberry I meant it merely as tongue in cheek example of you are a freak if you want to be one and no test is really needed to determine that! I scored at the top of the charts and knew I would! lol!

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Back in the 60s and 70s, it was another term for hippie. David Crosby immortalized it with the lyric, “letting my freak flag fly.”

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@Cruiser Yeah, I get you. I also scored pretty high. That’s what I meant. But not everyone reads between the lines. I’ve been called worse or as bad as a freak. Uninformed. Naive. Or some less dignified terms, but what’s amazing is the results I’ve seen because of my unorthodox ideas. It keeps me going.

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Anyone who acts or thinks like me.

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Sometimes my unorthodox ideas get me flamed. Now That’s fun. (not)

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i also know it as someone who likes anal play.

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Free Evolutionary Algorithm Kit.

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In this particular way the word “freak” is a word they use instead of saying the “f” word.

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How about freak as in mutant…. or deformed in some way?

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