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What are some resources to help stay at home moms teach their babies?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 11th, 2008
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I love this site. Both my kids had 40+ signs by the time they were 12 months old. Neither use them much now because it is easier to talk. But we are convinced this set them on the right track and made them happier babies because they could communicate with us.

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Thanks TeknOlust—Good site

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Thanks zolmie!

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Ditto on sign language. Theres a great dvd series “Signing Times”. Our son picked up a lot through the dvds. You can see other small children sign on the dvd.

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Babies are natural learners—in fact, they are learning constantly. I would say that a parent needs to create an interesting environment that is appropriate for the baby’s age, and then take the lead from the baby. I wouldn’t worry to much about teaching the baby anything—like walking, the baby will do it when ready. Or crawling, or picking up objects. However, I would especially be wary of tv programs or flash cards or anything that sets up a “school-like” situation for babies—they don’t learn like that, and it takes valuable time away from their own learning—which they are doing at the right pace for themselves. Just watch the child and learn from him!

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