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What is the easiest way to find a family member online [for free]?

Asked by eLenaLicious (822points) April 22nd, 2010

Well, yesterday I have just discovered my dad has a half-sister. My grandfather [my dad’s dad] abandoned him as a child and his real mother [my real grandmother] re-married [i already know]; but I did not know he had a half-sister. I found a few pictures in an envelope she has sent my father looong ago and I would really like to try and get in touch with her!
What is the easiest way to find her online for free [apparently you CAN put a price on family in certain websites]? I try finding her on facebook; i type in her name and there are like four results [none of them with a default pic]. If it helps, here is what I know about her so far: African-American, female, [last whereabouts; Los Angeles], name: Diane McKinney [McKinney is her married name; Diane Wren is her maiden name]. I really need help and can use all I can get! Please and thank you all :)

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Try switchboard. You might get a phone number.

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@dpworkin thank you very much. Switchboard seems very reliable. I could use a little more help if possible please [or more site suggestions :)]

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Women marry and so change their names – makes it very hard unless you have a lot of supporting information. Are you sure that this is her current married name?

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@DarkScribe McKinney is her current married name (at least I think so); and Wren is her maiden name (last name born with)

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@DarkScribe Women marry and so change their names

+1, excellent advice.

Recently I had to find a whole list of people based on ten-year old records, and that was an unexpected difficulty. Lots of people, mostly newlywed women, change their names. And sometimes divorced women revert to their maiden names.

So if you are looking for Jane Doe, watch for names like Jane D Smith. And Jane D Smith might become Jane Doe.

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@eLenaLicious McKinney is her current married name

I did a quick search through our resources and didn’t find a Dianne Mckinney, but did find two Diannes (one Diana and one Dianne) who had a maiden name of Wren. Neither is in LA and I suspect one would be too young. How old would she be?

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@DarkScribe darn, idk. I gotta ask my father. I’ll get back to you on that

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Would she want her name on a public website?

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I know it sounds funny but I found a couple of my family members on myspace and Facebook. But anything is possible.

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I know it sounds funny but I found a couple of my family members on myspace and Facebook

I work with professional investigators and they check Google/Myspace/Facebook/LinkedIn first just like we do.

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This listing appears on

Diane Ella Wren

View Details
46 Los Angeles, CA
West Covina, CA
Annie L Mckinney (109)
Christepher R Mckinney (48)
Christopher R Mckinney (48)
Isaiah Mckinney (65)
La Tasha Ann Mckinney (33)
Latasha A Mckinney (37)

You can get the phone number for only $1.95, it is not a lot of money.

Let us know what happens

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