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What does it feel like to be buff?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10809points) April 23rd, 2010

As someone who is working towards optimal physical conditioning, I have to wonder what it feels like to walk around with a fully conditioned body.

I must admit that even after basic training, I don’t think my body was even close to 100% fit.

I don’t mean pretty fit, I mean triathlete, lance armstrong, kinda fit. Anyone who fits or who ever has fit these requirements, I’d love to hear from you.

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It’s great to be able to not feel a twinge of insecurity anywhere between nude and bundled for snow. There are scary times though when thoughts of what to do next entered my mind (years ago). I found I was much more of an exhibitionist then.

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I don’t really know, though I think the buff boys really feel cool, it makes them feel HOT! and I am sure it really increases their self-confidence. And also I think buff guys can get any girl they want, because us girls do ofcourse like BUFFIES<3<3

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I have never been this way, but I have been pretty fit and I must say that I felt pretty good, I felt arrogant and confident and invincible. So for those guys it must be that feeling times 100.

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Back in the day, I felt invincible. I was comfortable walking around nude, and felt I could get any girl I wanted. I could practically leap tall buildings in a single bound.

I miss it.

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I never trained to “look” or “feel” a certain way. I achieved and maintained a level of fitness in order to efficiently perform my military duties. I continue a strenuous exercise regime now in an attempt to prevent my depression from getting worse. Much of this exercise is in the form of manual farm labor, so I don’t have a feeling that the time spent is “wasted”. Instead of pumping iron, I “pump” firewood and 100 lb rocks in stone masonry. My feeling of “invincibility” comes more from my knowledge of martial arts and marksmanship. I’m not motivated by any desire to impress anyone, actually I wish that certain people would be a bit less “impressed”.

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I don’t know, but I know what it feels like to feel one. Like a dream.

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It feels shiny.

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Akin to a turtle waxed baby’s arse.

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It does feel great and maybe even like a turtle waxed babies bottom as @ucme says (I’ll have to take his word on that one) but man it is a lot of work. At least 2–3 hours a day of working out to keep that Adonis like body up and in shape. Plus you can’t drink much either if at all and frankly that takes all the fun out of it!!

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@lucille PDG?

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Platelet derived growth,probably. Looks at floor, whistles, shuffles off tail between legs.

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Milo here; I draw crowds of admirers and paparazzi wheneven I walk down the street. I am a vision of cat muscle definition.

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@Blackberry -Pretty Damned Good! :))

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You would get the irresistible urge to run for Governor of California!

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Even though I’m female, I’d consider myself to be rather fit. It’s a feeling of inescapable, undescribable power. You don’t need to show off, because you know that people can tell already.

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Bodybuilders are incredibly insecure about their bodies, so many of them don’t feel buff.

why am I answering this question? It was either this one, or the “is it normal to gain 5 lbs of water while on your period?” question.

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@filmfann So is it? Normal for you to gain 5 lbs of water, that is?

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If anyone cares, in the buff means to be naked… ripped or flabby.

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@gailcalled Well then, I suppose it feels a bit chilly!

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