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Is it okay to eat a baked potato in foil if it was left out overnight?

Asked by roysters5 (64points) April 23rd, 2010

My roommate baked a potato in foil and left it in the oven overnight. Is it still okay to eat?

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I doubt it would do you any harm. Might have gone a little hard though!

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i leave potatoes out until i cook them… if it’s in foil, and was cooked last night, i wouldn’t worry about it

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Sure – won’t hurt you a bit.

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As it is, it would be okay… but it could be better by cutting it up into cubes, skin unpeeled, and turning them into country hash browns/potatoes, or cut them lengthwise into steak fries seasoned with cajun seasoning and reheated in the oven or deep fried.

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The oven was off all night, right? I wouldn’t be afraid to eat it.

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It’s not meat so unless it has mold, microwave it and enjoy.

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I would absolutely NOT eat it.

It’s a botulism playground.


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@LAURETH found the answer. it could grow botulism in the foil if it not stored either hot or cold.

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Are you homeless?

I’m with @laureth on this one – and unless you are a starving home-bound person, it’s just a potato – sheesh! Is it worth getting sick over? It’s morning, put the spud in the trash, and eat some cornflakes.

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I wouldn’t.

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Oh it won’t hurt you…as long as there were no other ingredients you will be fine. Botulism on a potato after even 24 hours? No. College students eat 24 hour old pizza left on a dorm floor and don’t get sick.

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Pizza also wasn’t in the ground to collect botulism spores and then heated to a nice toasty temperature and left to sit in the sort of anaerobic environment that nurtures botulism, either. You’re comparing apples to oranges. However, you are welcome to try it out if you like!

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Just throw it out ..
Its not good to have it…

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Besides, now it’s baked, cold, and sitting a month on the counter. ;)

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Yeah – I was thinking that too. Kind of like the question “Should I go to the emergency room?”

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The potato should be fine to eat.

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Well, probably not any more!

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Do not, repeat, do not leave baked potatoes out at room temperature overnight and consume them the next day. This is a food safety issue. The baked potato has a neutral PH factor and can grow microorganisms quite easily. This is especially important if you have wrapped the potatoes in foil (sort of like canning fruits and vegetables and not sealing the jar lid).

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