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what's the best website for restaurant recommendations in major cities?

Asked by gards (20points) March 11th, 2008
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shockvalue's avatar has always been the best for me

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I like the Chow boards. Browse by city or region.

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Another vote for Chowhound!!!!

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Chowhound message boards, do doubt, it’s a well-managed board with people that care deeply about food.

As a Chowhound user, I’ve found that if you want some recommendations as a visitor to another city browse that city’s board first, due a few searches and then make a post as to what you’re looking for and some potential choices. You’re much more likely to get a (good) response if it looks like you’ve made an effort and also having given them an idea of what you like from your picks.

If your inclined afterwards make a quick post as to how it went…

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