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How often do you drive with both your hands on the steering wheel of your vehicle?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) May 26th, 2015

Only when required by traffic or weather?
Almost never?

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About 90% of the time. That’s my default way to drive, unless holding a map or a cup of coffee.

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I typically only have both hands on the wheel if I’m tense due to bad driving conditions and/or at night when I feel less comfortable on the road. My normal posture is to sit slightly shifted or leaning to the right, left hand on the wheel and right arm resting on the console.

I’m blessed with a remarkably smooth driving machine that complements my driving style.

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I typically slouch down and put my left hand on the mirror so I can be a jeeter. ~ We’ll see if anyone gets that.

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Not consistently, I regret to say. I often keep my right hand on the gear shift knob, even though my car is an automatic—it’s an old habit. I do tend to put both hands on the wheel on highways, especially in heavy traffic or bad weather. Also, I’m super-careful in school zones and other kid zone, around bikers, and in parking lots.

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Depends on if I fancy a speed wank.

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I always drive hands off, and sometimes take a nap.

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Almost always

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Probably less than 30%.

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75% of the time. Usually at 10 & 4.

20% with just the left hand (arm on door arm rest.

5% at 10 & 2 if traffic or road is challenging.

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I drive with my left hand (habit from formerly driving stick shift and having right hand available for shifting). I will have right hand on wheel approximately 10% of the time. The majority of my driving is on highway, so unless there’s lots of traffic or I’m in a town, I’ll use left hand only.

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Most of the time.

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Mmm…about 50/50 I’d say. My car handles extremely well and is very forgiving.
I’d say in busy trafficor the freeway I keep both hands on the wheel but when cruising along the back roads I usually just glide along with one hand, maybe even just a couple fingers. haha

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Most of the time.

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Most of the time unless I am shifting gears.

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90% of the time with a 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock grip. (Air bags will break your arms with the old 10 & 2) Left hand at 8 on wheel when shifting..

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99% of the time. Sometimes one hand is removed to adjust the window, heat/AC, radio volume or take a sip from a cup with a straw. Defensive driving has become extremely important to me in the past six years.

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I don’t keep track.

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Almost always. On longer trips that require high way driving, if there are no other cars around, I’ll relax with one hand on the wheel, at the 6:00 position. When a car approaches though, I put both hands on the wheel, ready for action!

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Personally I almost totally follow @picante,‘s ‘only if I sense a need’. My right hand is typically on the shift, as @Pachy favors.
I think it just feel more natural to have a reinforcement (my right hand) that I can call in if I need it.

Thanks to all.

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About a third of the time. Maybe a little less. It’s just not comfortable for me.

I’ll spend more time with both hands on the wheel if the terrain is a little rough, or if there are a lot of curves. But I tend to do a lot of long-distance driving, and I’m not going to force myself into uncomfortable positions for such long periods. That, to me, seems less safe.

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Most of the time. There are times when I just have one hand on the wheel, but mostly I drive with two hands on the wheel.

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Never, because I’m not an elderly person or a scaredy cat.

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^^^^ Unprepared.

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He steers with his feet so he can text and take selfies- he’s no elderly scaredy cat! ;-o

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Most of the time with hands and 8 and 4.

This is more relaxed than the silly 10 and 2 and places my right hand on the wheel as close as possible to the shifter. Shifts can then be made by lowering my forearm and flicking the wrist down. My upper arm only needs to move for pushing the shifter away from me.

When approaching a corner I position my hands on the wheel so that they stop at 8 and 4 at the turn’s apex for maximum control, also my right hand is again close to the stick should I need to shift in an increasing or decreasing radius turn or if the hack in front of me decides to brake midcorner.

Holding the wheel from inside the rim is a great way to get your arm broken should the airbag deploy.

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OK, so I was driving in town and thought of this question and quickly took note of where my hands were. My right hand was at 12, my left hand was relaxed,and I only had the two fingers you use to make the OK sign loosely hanging around the steering wheel at the 6:00 position.

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