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How do I download movies to burn to dvd?

Asked by oola (1points) March 11th, 2008
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While it is possible to download full 4.7 or 8.2 GB images from bittorrent sites, it is not commonplace, and of course, it is illegal. I do remember someone saying to me that iTunes could burn purchased downloaded movies, but since I don’t use iTunes, I don’t know how well that works, or at all.

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yes Itunes , I have not tried it myself but I this heard of this recently. I think you can go through your local libary and I would start there. The selection is great and FREE woot !!!

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The only way to download movies to burn to a DVD to play on a DVD player is by using an illegal method. You can burn iTunes movies to DVD to bavk up but they won’t play in a DVD player. As far as accomplishing your task, there are full DVD rips to download off bittorrent sights but use at your own risk, or get a DVD player that plays xvid or something.

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it is not illegal to backup dvd’s you own. this can be achieved by ripping the dvd via a program like dvdfab free. shrinking using the free program dvdshrink. and burning using a program like nero.

again, doing backup’s of movie you own is NOT illegal.

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