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Do many people rip Netflix DVDs and sell them?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) January 22nd, 2009

I found this. Do you know anyone that pays for a Netflix subscription by selling ripped copies of all the DVDs he gets from Netflix? Do you do this lol?

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I’ve ripped a movie to watch it on my iPod before, but I deleted it after I watched it. (Disk space is far too precious to spend on movies I won’t want to see again, when I can just put them in my Netflix queue again.)

I don’t know if many people do it. It’s a pretty clear violation of the intent of Netflix.

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I read all of the comments posted on the topic in your link…

I have (and love) Netflix.

I agree w/ the posters who said “what is the point?”, in that you can always rent it again…it also takes time, effort and storage space (be it shelf or computer hard drive—)for storage.

If there is something that I must have, as I will want to watch it frequently (e.g. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer), I would rather have all of the packaging and extras….

I just wait until there is a buy one get one sale on and use my cc that gives me a $6 rebate for online purchases. I have been able to obtain many of my kids videos, 2 at a time, for a total of less than $1.

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Wow, that’s way too much effort for my liking. I mean, it takes a decent amount of time to rip a DVD and encode it the way you want, and then it’s taking up all that hard drive space, or worse, burned back onto a DVD-R with other movies!

Movies and TV that are worthwhile to me are purchased, and I may format shift to my iPod if I feel like it. Movies and TV that I have no intention of paying for are downloaded and watched as needed. Sometimes I download things I own because it’s a pain to rip them – a recent attempt to encode Invader Zim to my iPod resulted in me downloading it simply cause the ripper was erroring all the time.

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It seems like too much effort, if I download movies, I download them in a DivX format, so the space is much smaller. Then I use my DivX software to burn it to a DVD, then store it in my big binder.

I bought a DVD up converter to 1080P that supports the DivX format, and it makes it look amazingly better than watching it on my computer.

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You are asking people to admit to committing a crime???

That thread is also from 2004 and DVD ripping has come a long way since then.

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dudes, as far as I know, using another soft together with say netflix yeah, is not prohibited, there is nowhere written you are not allowed to do this. the only thing wrong would be selling something you do not own. so making a copy and keeping it for yourself is perfectly ok, as long as you dont pass it on to other people. ive been using moviebox to record movies and make dvds but i never had any problems, legally speaking, because i only made a backup copy for myself. (you can check it out for yourselves:

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