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Do My eyes Decieve me? Is There a new resident in the 20K House?

Asked by Judi (39784points) April 25th, 2010

It looks Like Janbb Is on a Roll! Lets Party!!!

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I love that I got to ask this question!!
Congrats my friend! It’s a great day!!!

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Congratulations, janbb!
I find you to be one of the funniest jellies here. You have a unique sense of humor that makes me bust out laughing way more than just occasionally. You’re so damn clever.
I feel like quoting you right now.

You do have a way with flords!
And probably flutulance too, but nobody’ll own up to that.
And then there’s always flayaking – but that’s hard to do, Rocky!”

Bahaha! Oh man..
You rock my socks, even when I’m not wearing any.

Good flucking job!

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Congratulations janbb!!

You have made me feel very welcome here, and I heartily appreciate it. (I wanted to get some fish puns in, but I’ll leave that to gailcalled, seeing as she’s the experch).

Hot tea and big grins all round!!!

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Good for you, @janbb, i like you!

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Congratulations to an amazing jelly! Are you moving into the mansion? I thought you were moving to my house. Now I will pout.

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Well done Jan – keep it up. You are one of the special people.

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Yes, she’s moving into the 20k house but that’s because she was able to get special financing in a buyer’s market.

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Great work Jan! You always have something wise to say, and your answers are always worth taking the time to read. Enjoy your new wealth!

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Yea Jannb! Your wit and wisdom adds so much to this collective. I love watching you and a few others trade barbs. Congratulations! Cake for all!

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What an accomplishment! Now you can die with no regrets when (G-d Forbid) the time comes. (You should live to 120.)

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w00t! Congrats!

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I think it is because of people like you that lurve parties were created!

You are one of the birds that makes it worth showing up at this place. Congratulations!

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Yay janbb! I lurve you so much, I really do. If I’m scrolling through a question I always stop and read your answers. You are an amazing person and so very smart and thoughtful and funny :)

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Congratulations to a funny lady! :))

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My platonic crush. =)

I always have so much fun with you here on Fluther. You’re one of my favorites..

Congratulations, wonderful, wise, witty, punny lady!!!

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Wait. @jjmah, @janbb makes puns?

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Only to people who deserve punishment! (You know who you are.)

dpworkin's avatar

(By the way, I’m a little disappointed by the “Platonic” thing.)

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What, you wanted us to have a Socratic crush on each other?

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I see that no one has claimed it yet, so… Mazel Tov™!

Congratulations, penguin lady! You make Fluther a happy, fun place to be.
Now, enjoy some cake; I’ll send some movers over to help you settle in to the 20K castle. :)

janbb's avatar

Um – thanks for the sentiment @jeffgoldblumsjohnson – but it’s “Mazel”. You can have the™ on “Mavel Tov” if you want it:-)

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

Oops! Luckily I caught my little mistake before editing time ran out. I guess I’ll just leave it to the two experts from now on.

janbb's avatar

We’re the Mazel Tov™ Mavens!

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One expert and one thieving wannabe. And by wannabe I mean wanna@janbb.

janbb's avatar

You wanna piece of me?

dpworkin's avatar

Ahem. Save that sort of thing for the hot PMs, dolling.

janbb's avatar

Oh – there’s plenty more where that came from as you well know.

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“ahem”, I’m sure @janbb and @dpworkin don’t mean to bicker on her special day.

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Bicker? Surely you mean flirt.

chyna's avatar

@dpworkin Yes, I was confused. Bickering and flirting look the same to me. :-)

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Removed by me.

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I always knew that penguin would go places!

Congrats, janbb!

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@janbb! My favourite penguin in the house! What what! Congrats on reaching 20K! :D w00t!

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Congratulations on 20k to a much-deserving penguin! You write what I think. I am always happy to see your posts.

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Thanks, @chyna !

Hey, everyone! It’s Sunday morning here in the great state of New Jersey. C’mon a my house for bagels, lox, cream cheese and coffee. Someone pick up the Dunkin’ Donuts on the way!

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Yaay! My girl! Con-freakin-gratulations! You know, I’m actually not that far from NJ. Maybe I’ll schlepp on up there for coffee at some point.
Love your answers, and your insights.

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Mmmm, bagels. We have only shit bagels up here in teabagger land. And no lox at all.

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Great job Janbb, it only seems like 5 minutes since your 10k!!! Congrats, congrats :-)

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We have great ones from the “Hot Bagel Bakery.”

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I have some capers to share.

janbb's avatar

I’m always up for capers, as you guys well know.

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Oh WOW! My favorite penguin!
Congratulations! I always love to read your posts.

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So many parties!! So many margaritas! <hic> Hoorayyyy!

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@janbb 10 K congrats to my favorite Penguin Jelly! Nice work and love reading all your comments!!

janbb's avatar

Penguin jelly – now that sounds like flirting!

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@janbb Nah…that’s not flirting. Sounds like it’s something that you’d put on toast.

Congrats, my friend! :-)

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Congratulations!! Well earned and deserved; you are one of a kind.

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yay, congratulations!!

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How awesome! Congrats to you.

I always love reading your well researched answers as well as the punny ones.

Too bad I moved from Philly to Mich. or I would take you up on your offer. Can’t find any Lox around here locally without schlepping an hour down to Southfield. Grumble grumble…

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Awesome Janbb!!!!!!!

We are sorry to see you move out of the mansion but are so happy for you!

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It’s 20K-palooza! CONGRATS on twenty thousand! You da (wo)man!
Pancakes and penguin eggs for ALL!

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Happy 20K


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Congratulations my Penguin buddy! Very well deserved!

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Whoa! Like 3 months ago we were only one point apart. Obviously people on this site recognize quality!

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Congratulations, @janbb! :)

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Way to go Jan! Here’s to a truly great Jelly!

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Way to go, my swift penguin friend!

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It’s just a lurve milestone extravaganza type of day today, yowza! Congratulations @janbb on a most excellent achievement!

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Hoping you enjoy the new addition , copied from this award-winning Japanese design, just for you.

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(Insert great pun here.) You are faboo, @janbb. A well deserved 20K. Congrats!

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Congratulations! You are, by FAR, the best penguin on this site!

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Goooooooooooooooooooooooo Janbb!

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How the fuck do I miss one of my best friends’ parties?!

Happy 20k! I hate you too!

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Hate is a nasty word here! Unless, it’s an insider.
Janbb, you are a great jelly. I love how friendly you are and your answers are always thought out well and funny. You’ve deserved it. CONGRATULATIONS!!
Did someone say pancakes?! PANCAKE!

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

oh Good I found your party – woo hoo to one of my favorite stable jellies!

chaingarden's avatar

Congrats! I don’t know how it happened that you’re now more “with it” than me…and I’m a computer programmer! =)

Hot Bagel Bakery, eh? Perhaps when I’m home on Mother’s Day?

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What fun to throw the doors wide open for @janbb and all her party crew! Here’s to a jelly who has it all: personality, intelligence, friendliness, humor, and research. @janbb, you’re a fluther treasure, my friend.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

shego's avatar

Congrats @janbb your smart reading penguine does have a lot of knowledge to share.

MissAnthrope's avatar

Holy schneikes! Sincere congratulations on an impressive milestone to a jelly who adds so much to the collective!

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CONGRATS!!! Much lurve to you!!!

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We come on the sloop jan bb
My grandfather and me
Around nassau town we did roam
Drinking all night
Got into a fight
Well I feel so broke up
I want to go home

So hoist up the jan bb’s sail
See how the mainsail sets
Call for the captain ashore
Let me go home, let me go home
I wanna go home, yeah yeah
Well I feel so broke up
I wanna go home

The first mate he got drunk
And broke in the capns trunk
The constable had to come and take him away
Sheriff john stone
Why don’t you leave me alone, yeah yeah
Well I feel so broke up I wanna go home

So hoist up the jan bbs sail
See how the mainsail sets
Call for the captain ashore
Let me go home, let me go home
I wanna go home, let me go home
Why don’t you let me go home
(hoist up the jan bb’s sail)
Hoist up the jan bb
I feel so broke up I wanna go home
Let me go home

The poor cook he caught the fits
And threw away all my grits
And then he took and he ate up all of my corn
Let me go home
Why don’t they let me go home
This is the worst trip Ive ever been on

So hoist up the jan bb’s sail
See how the mainsail sets
Call for the captain ashore
Let me go home, let me go home
I wanna go home, let me go home
Why don’t you let me go home

janbb's avatar

@ubersiren I always wanted my own song. thanks!

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Contralugations to our favourite reading penguin! :D

janbb's avatar

Since I’‘ve already broken Fluther memes by kibbutzing and bickering all through my party, I’ll forego the convention of responding to each individual in my thanks, and just say how much I lurve you all. (I’m too afraid of missing someone out.) It is a great pleasure to share life, politics, teenaged angst, NSFW questions and puns with such a great group of Jellies. Sometimes I can feel my mind expanding and sometimes it seems to be shrinking depending on the content on any given day, but overall, I have been greatly enriched by my Fluther experiences. All of you have are wonderful online friends and some have become dear friends in real life – eve if we haven’t met yet. And two of you are my favorite sons! Thanks for a great party; I’ll keep dancing all night as long as the music’s playing!

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Well said, @janbb. Congratulations!

whatthefluther's avatar

It is a glorious day. So many parties but, alas, time constraints prevent me from hanging out at any of them. But I would be remiss….no, make that devastated and heartbroken, if I missed this one. Congratulations to the sweetest, kindest and funniest jelly of them all that holds a very special place in my heart. Whenever I pause to reflect on how wonderful fluther is, it is @janbb that always and immediately comes to mind. I love you @janbb. Best wishes to you, my sweet lady.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

janbb's avatar

Oh Gary – I am honored that you came by; I was hoping you could make it. Love you too, and wishing and hoping life is easing for you.

Fred931's avatar

Hey, um, guys, can you do me a favor and avoid clicking the GA button for my last post? I don’t want people seeing the “f” word over and over again on my dashboard.

rangerr's avatar


wundayatta's avatar

@janbb Congratulations! You’re a great jelly even if you are from New Jersey ;-)

Ouch! You didn’t have to kick that hard!

janbb's avatar

@wundayatta But it’s such a big target! Thanks anyway!

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OMG… @janbb I lurve you so much. Congrats!!!!

cookieman's avatar

‘Flightless’ my ass!

That stupendous penguin soared to 20k amidst a flurry of well-deserved lurve.

Congratulations @janbb!!

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Sorry I’m so late getting to this one, too, but congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!!!!!

Dr_C's avatar

I’m soooo late… CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

shpadoinkle_sue's avatar

Wow! Totally late on this one. But congrats, again, to you!

CMaz's avatar

@janbb – The 20k Mansion just improved by 20k.


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I’m super late, but amazing job @janbb,!!! keep on lurvin’!

janbb's avatar

Thanks @erichw1504 . (I just baked brownies; want one?)

@ChazMaz And for you I have a potch in tuches but you’ll probably enjoy it too much.

forestGeek's avatar

Very, very well done janbb!!! Congratulations and cheers on your 20K, it’s well deserved.

Axemusica's avatar

congrats @janbb :D keep do’n what penguins do, lol.

zephyr826's avatar

So late – But I’m so proud of you! Way to go, and on to 30K!

Aethelwine's avatar

You are a wonderful example of what is great about Fluther, @janbb. You are so kind, funny, give excellent advice, and never have a bad thing to say about anyone. Congrats @janbb! :D

CyanoticWasp's avatar

I hope you saved a piece of cake for me in the frizzer.

I’m sure it must have been a massive cake to begin with, with all these people coming to the party.

Lurve, @janbb.

janbb's avatar

@CyanoticWasp Nope, it’s molding on the counter. Too bad you weren’t here earlier.

mattbrowne's avatar

This is so hyper yotta, zetta, exa, peta, tera, giga, mega cool !!

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