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Why is the Internet working everywhere except the main desktop?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) April 25th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m working on fixing it so that my mom can do her online classes and such. But it’s working on my brothers iPod Touch (which I’m on now), but it doesn’t work on the desktop.

The modem is fine, the wireless, Internet, and dsl are on… the Modem/Data cord is in the E4/Data slot… could that be it?

Also, when I press ‘repair’ under local area connections, it tells me that it can’t because of something about the TCP/IP. o___o

Any ideas? I’d rather not have to resort to calling my dad…. :/

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My desktop has a question under Computer Connections, that must be clicked on and setup for additional terminals. this may help you.

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It sounds like it’s not getting an address from the DCHP server. Open a terminal window and see if you can ping the gateway from the computer. If not, turn off your router, turn off your computer, then start your router again and reboot the computer and see if that works.

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@dpworkin ; this sounds stupid, but how do I open a terminal window and ping? :/

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go to Start, Run, type in “cmd” without the quotes, a black window will open with a prompt, type “” without the quotes and hit enter.

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In your command prompt window, type in ipconfig /all and post what you see there next to the IP address heading – plus all headings below that.

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@dpworkin… you need to type the command PING before the address.

@troubleinharlem it may be possible that your mom’s desktop has a static IP address set manually for its network card. You may want to set your network adapter’s TCP/IP properties for automatic Configuration, obtaining an IP address automatically.

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Ooops. left out the command! Thanks.

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